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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.130

Enhancements and features

These features for 10.130 were released to environments on the continuous release track on February 23, 2024, in version 10.130.1. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on March 1, 2024, in version 10.130.2:

Navigation menu improvements

  • Previously, Super Admin users would only see the Solution or Product menus if the appropriate platform settings were on and if the user was assigned to a team using Solutions or Products. Now, Super Admin users will see the menus even if they are not assigned to a team.
  • In the upcoming 10.130.1 release, the default program selection and associated warning message will be removed from the new navigation experience as it only applies to old navigation.

Update on the removal of the old navigation menus and homepage

As shared in our recent community article and the in-product guides, we’ll soon be removing the old navigation menus and homepage. This will happen in the 10.130.X, 10.131.X, 10.132.X, and 10.133.X releases.

One month before the removal, key customer contacts will receive a direct email from the Atlassian team letting them know about the upcoming removal, and users will be notified with updated in-product messaging, similar to this:



For example, if your instances will transition during the 10.130.X releases, your sandbox environment on the continuous release track would have seen this notification on Friday, February 9, letting users know old navigation will be removed on Friday, February 23, in the 10.130.1 release. Your production environment on the bundled release track would have seen a similar notification on Friday, February 9, but it will notify users that old navigation will be removed on Friday, March 8, in the 10.130.3 release.

If you’ve already reached out requesting more time before the old navigation is removed, your instances are currently planned for transition in the 10.133.X releases.

If you’d like to remove the old navigation menus and homepage now, submit a support ticket or reach out to your Advisory Services representative.

Program room changes for capacity

Since the launch of the new capacity feature, we’ve started introducing capacity data as the source-of-truth in more parts of Jira Align, including the program room. This note documents a few key changes that you should be aware of. You’ll have the option to toggle these on and off for the next few months in the upper right of the page.


New feature: Forecast vs. capacity widget

This intuitive bar graph helps you compare a program and its respective teams' forecasted work against available capacity for features, epics, and capabilities within a single program increment. You can see instantly whether a program and its teams are at, over, or under capacity, or dig deeper with tooltips that provide precise numbers. You can also easily access source data to view or modify the plan via hyperlinks.


Removed: Program PI load (estimates view)

  • The new forecast versus capacity widget replaces the estimates view of the program load widget with a simplified calculation and freedom from the need for manual overrides.
  • The estimates view relied on points (sometimes converted from member or team weeks) used for features, capabilities, and epics. These points were then compared against the combined point velocities of teams working in sprints.

Updated: Program PI load (actual view) calculations

  • The program load actuals view no longer requires manual overrides, thanks to a simpler calculation method using program-level data from the capacity page.
  • The new calculation is program story points loaded ÷ program available capacity. Note: Program points loaded = sum of effort points estimated from all stories associated with the program and program increment. As before, it doesn’t matter if the points are assigned to a specific sprint.
  • For reference, the old calculation involved dividing the points loaded into the program increment (regardless of assignment to sprints) by the average accepted story points over the past two program increments. This calculation was complex and often required manual overrides.

Updated: Team load calculations

  • Both agile and kanban teams benefit from a unified and simplified calculation using team-level capacity data: team story points loaded ÷ team available capacity, streamlining previous processes.
  • For reference, the old calculation for agile teams was based on dividing the points assigned to each team for the program increment by one of the following: manual overrides, accepted points in a completed sprint, or the average velocity over the last five sprints. The calculation for kanban teams involved dividing the number of stories marked as "pending approval" and "ready to start" by the product of the team's throughput per week and the number of weeks left in the program increment.

Forecast page enhancements

We’ve made some refinements that aim to improve consistency and clarity across the forecast page and the forecast tab:

  • We updated some field labels to better align with the program increment estimate field found on the forecast page and tab. You may see something different depending on your platform terminology.
    • Program forecast renamed to program estimate
    • Team forecast renamed to team estimate
    • Forecast % renamed to capacity needed
  • We removed the inconsistent blue arrow on the forecast grid that summed team estimates to determine the program increment estimate. However, on the forecast tab, you can still sum team estimates to determine the program estimate and/or sum program estimates to determine the program increment estimate.
  • Finally, we split up the program increment estimate, program estimate, and team estimate fields so you can enable each one independently. Previously, you could only toggle the program increment estimate, which would automatically enable/disable the program or team estimates, as well as the blue arrow button. This improvement provides better customization and readability.

Product filter available in program increment progress report

We’ve added a product filter to the Extra Configs menu found within the program increment progress report, so that you can view data associated with both a product and a portfolio, solution, or program context.

As a result, we’ve also removed the link to the program increment progress report from the sidebar when navigating from a product context.

End-of-support status for legacy Jira Align functionality

We’ve ended support for several Jira Align features, reports, and admin settings. Atlassian Support will no longer file new defects for this functionality, and it will now be set for future removals over the next several quarters. We will provide at least 30 days advance notice prior to a capability being removed. For more details and the full list of affected functionality, please see our previous announcement.

Upcoming removals: Legacy reports, time/skills tab, and skills functionality

We have a few new announcements and reminders to share about removals planned for future releases:

Legacy report removals

In version 10.131.0, which will be deployed on March 15, 2024, we’ll be removing 39 legacy reports from Jira Align. These reports were included in our end-of-support announcement, and we’re moving quickly on the promised removals to focus on new features and enhancements that meet the needs of you and your teams.

Reports that will be removed:

System role permission toggles related to these pages will also be removed.

If you have used this functionality in the past and would like to make a record of your entries, please visit the reports prior to version 10.131.0 to archive your data. You can use screenshots and Save options from your browser to capture the contents of an accessible report.

Update on legacy navigation reports

The following report pages are only available in legacy navigation, and will no longer be available when your environment transitions to new navigation. For more information on the enhanced version of status reports that’s now available, see our previous announcement.

  • Reports landing page
  • Status reports landing page
  • Status report by theme
  • Status report by organization
  • Status report by program increment

Time/skills tab and skills functionality

In version 10.133.0, which will be deployed on May 10, 2024, the time/skills tab found on epic details panel will be removed. Some fields inside the tab will be removed from Jira Align, while others will be moved to a new tab. We’ll also remove all skills-based functionality. See our previous announcement for more details.

Confirmed removals: API 1.0 and Quality module

We’ve completed the following removals from Jira Align:

API 1.0 removal

As previously announced, API version 1.0 is no longer available as of this release. Please ensure your integrations, queries, and other practices have been migrated to API 2.0. See our migration guide for more details.

Note: If your single sign-on (SSO) solution uses API 1.0, you will need to migrate to API 2.0 for logins to continue working.

Quality module removals completed

In version 10.121.3, we removed the summary pages within the Quality module, while references to some objects remained. In this release, we’ve completed our work. All references, links, and underlying database tables have been removed for all quality objects and pages.

Note: Acceptance criteria entries remain available in work item details panels. There is not a plan at this time to remove this functionality.

Status report status available in the Epics API

Epic status field entries made in the status report are now available in the Epics API via a statuses sub-endpoint.

This information will include an array of the statuses set in the status report, as well as the date and user who set that status.

Jira Connector: Why? field performance improvement

As part of a recent bug fix, our teams improved how the Jira Align Why? field is synced with Jira Software, resulting in better Jira Connector performance.

Rich text editor for epic and capability descriptions

For environments that have the formatted text feature toggle turned on, the Description field on epics and capabilities now has a rich text editor that supports HTML. To turn on this toggle, contact your Advisory Services representative or Atlassian Support.

In a future release, this feature toggle will be enabled by default for all environments.

Check out the new Jira Align Knowledge Base

The Jira Align Knowledge Base (KB) is a new resource available to help you find troubleshooting steps, best practices for unique use cases, and remedies to error messages in Jira Align. Our Support team has been working to migrate over 200 internal articles to the new public space, hosted on, which contains several other Atlassian product KBs. Learn more by checking out our announcement in the Atlassian Community.

You can also use the quick link on our Help site’s homepage to quickly access the new KB:


On-premise: Upgrade to .NET 6.0

As previously announced, the backoffice service used by on-premise environments has been upgraded from .NET framework 4.6.2. to .NET 6.0. This provides improvements to infrastructure and patching abilities, while resulting in some changes to installation and upgrade procedures.

Please see the Jira Align self-hosted guide 10.130.0 and above for updated instructions when installing or updating an on-premise environment.

Defect fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-1750 Jira Connector - Next gen - Kanban boards pollute connector logs 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-4809 Copy role does not copy manage custom hierarchies permissions 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5120 Server time out when loading Value Stream Cycle time report and adjusting dates 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5123 Capability Backlog issues disappear when editing and saving the slideout 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5166 Strategic Snapshot: 'Total fund' field can't handle values greater than $2,099,099,099 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5284 New Navigation - Missing ability to star "view all" pages 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5296 New Navigation - Accessing certain pages from the recent rooms list gives error message 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5326 Program Tracking Report does not honor Configuration Bar filters for Dependencies 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5344 New Navigation: Multi program URL lands at Permission error on New UI 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5412 Opening a work item from the "Unassigned Backlog" section then close it makes the item disappear 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5451 Deleting "Send alerts if Jira Align cannot connect to API" email address on Jira Setup Notifications page does not remove email address. 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-6255 unable to filter Process steps in Apply filter on Solution and items layer. 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-6258 User with view only access of epics is able to edit Notes in Roadmaps 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-6294 New Navigation - Story Point Progress by Team Report - unable to select program 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-6425 Audit log behavior inconsistency between UI and API when adding user to teams 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-6426 Audit log inconsistencies when adding users to teams 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-6520 Change Activity Log: Takes a long time to load using the predefined date filter 10.130.1
JIRAALIGN-5290 New Navigation - Recent Rooms list not consistently updating 10.130.2
JIRAALIGN-6373 Apply Backlog Rank does not order the Features or Epics in the same order as in Backlog. 10.130.2
JIRAALIGN-6631 Deadlock logging discrepancy 10.130.2
JIRAALIGN-6123 Parent Objective is not available creating a new OKR using the new experience 10.130.3
JIRAALIGN-6350 Email notification for new Ideation items in a group are not sent 10.130.3
JIRAALIGN-6625 User gets automatically logged in even after session timeout 10.130.3
JIRAALIGN-6692 Unable to create Features and Epics - No more rows are available 10.130.3
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