Upcoming removals: Time/skills tab and skills functionality


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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We’re removing the time/skills tab from epic details panels. Some fields inside the tab will be removed from Jira Align, while others will be moved to a new tab. Additionally, we're planning to remove all skills-based functionality.

We plan to implement these changes in version 10.133.0, which is scheduled to deploy on Friday, May 10, 2024.

Review the following for details on each section within the time/skills tab:

Removing process step schedule

  • Process step schedules let you enter portfolio ask, start/initiation, and target completion dates for each of the customizable steps that make up your process flow.
  • Due to low adoption, we're removing this functionality from Jira Align. Plus, we’ve heard from you that this kind of scheduling is too granular for high-level work items.
  • You can still use process steps outside of the tab. Learn how to create process flows →

Removing skills requested and all skills functionality

  • The skill sets requested section is part of the broader skills inventory feature set, which allows you to manage, assign, and request skills for teams and work items.
  • The majority of this feature set has been announced for future end-of-support status. In version 10.133.0, we will remove all skills-based functionality, including:
    • The skill sets requested section from the time/skills tab
    • Skills inventory report
    • Skill levels, a settings window within skills inventory
    • Skill listings within user profiles

Reimagining fixed date milestone functionality

  • Milestones are non-deployment events that are crucial to completing a work item. They have specific start and end dates, and don’t always occur sequentially. Milestones could involve setting product discovery goals, making progress on commercialization efforts, or conducting user testing.
  • We’re working on improvements to this functionality, expanding it to work items beyond epics, and moving it into a new dedicated milestones tab in details panels.
    • Note: We plan to remove the portfolio ask date field from milestones.
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