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About this report

The Team Goals report provides a summary of sprint goals that were met/not met during a selected PI. Sprint goals help a team focus on teamwork and negotiation with the product owner to reach a shared objective. Sprint goals also help foster team commitment and flexibility, as well as providing a foundation for sprint planning meetings. This report is beneficial to Scrum Masters, team leaders and members, and product owners for assessing if goals were met during a PI. It is beneficial to review the report with team members during pre- and post-PI meetings. This report is generated by selecting a specific PI.


  1. Select the Reports icon from the left Navigation menu.
  2. Start typing the report's name in the Search box. 
  3. Once found, select the report.

Note: You can also use the categories on the left to search for the needed reports.


  1. PI must exist in the system and be tied to a program. 
  2. Features must be created and tied to the PI. 
  3. Stories, with point values, must be created and tied to features. 
  4. Stories must be assigned to sprints. 
  5. Sprints must be created and tied to a PI. 
  6. Tasks must be created and assigned to stories. 
  7. Teams must be created and tied to a program. 
  8. Sprint Review meeting must be run via Jira Align's Sprint Review module. 

How are report values calculated? 

  • Sprint goals are defined for each sprint via the Sprint List/New Sprint panel.
  • Sprint goals are marked as either met or not met via the Sprint Review Meeting page.


How to interpret this report

Understanding and tracking sprint goals is beneficial to all members of the team. The more sprint goals are met, the better focus, communication, prioritization, and flexibility a team is demonstrating. Conversely, not meeting the majority of sprint goals is an indication that effective teamwork is not taking place, and steps should be taken to get the team back on track.

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