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Explore features with More Actions found on the toolbar of the features grid:

  • Import Features: You can use the Excel spreadsheet to import features from other applications to Jira Align to work with the application more effectively and save time. 
  • Export Features: With the export option, you can store your features in one document. You can also use this option to email or review the data. The exported file is saved in the Excel format.
  • Audit Report: The Feature Audit Report shows which features are associated with a PI as well as the feature status. The report is beneficial to product owners and release train engineers for assessing and tracking feature progress during a PI. 
  • Prioritization: Use the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) formula to identify which features are most important to plan into the next program increment. 
  • Mass Move: For a more efficient work process, you can move several features at once between different PIs, programs, and sprints.
  • Print Feature Cards: Use this option to print a snapshot of features.
  • Promote: You can promote a feature to an epic. However, please note, work items cannot be promoted to capabilities.
  • Workflow: Set up a workflow to notify users when feature states have changed. Specify a state, the names of people to get notified when that state is met, and a standard message. For example, when features are moved to a Test Complete state, notify user John Doe with the message, "Please contact the RTE to confirm demo for release."
  • Access Recycle Bin: When deleted, features can be restored from the recycle bin. If you restore an item, only the item is restored and not its child items. You can also permanently delete features from the recycle bin.
  • Access Canceled Items: You can cancel features if you decide to stop working on them or freeze them. All their child items are moved to the canceled recycle bin as well. Canceled features can be restored from the canceled recycle bin.
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