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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Note: This article has been republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to release notes updates. This article has been updated to update users about a previous deployment delay in the United States:

Resolved: Delay of 10.127.1 to instances in the United States region

Shortly after deploying version 10.127.1 to the Asia-Pacific and Europe / Middle East regions, our engineering teams detected a potential performance issue that could make some environments slow or unresponsive. Our teams quickly mitigated this issue by deploying additional scripts to these regions.

As a precaution, deployment to the United States region was delayed while we investigated the root cause. On Wednesday, December 6, a hotfix was deployed, resulting in all regions receiving version 10.127.1.

The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.127

Enhancements and features

These features for 10.127 were released to environments on the continuous release track on December 4, 2023, in version 10.127.1. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on December 8, 2023, in version 10.127.2:

Updates to the new navigation rollout timeline

We’ve updated our plans to make our new navigation experience primary in Jira Align, to support both customers who are ready to make the change, and those who need more time to prepare. Our phased rollout of new navigation will begin in January, and you’ll receive at least 30 days advance notice through direct communications and alerts in your Jira Align instance. If you are ready to make the change permanently to new navigation now, please have your administrator reach out to Jira Align support.

Please review our community article for more details on the phased rollout: You spoke, we listened: an update on Jira Align's new navigation rollout

Upcoming API 1.0 removal in version 10.130.0

Jira Align’s API, version 1.0, will no longer be supported with the 10.130.0 release, scheduled for February 16, 2024. We are removing API 1.0 thanks to continued investment in API 2.0, and our development and quality teams will be able to focus on even more enhancements thanks to this streamlining.

Starting now, we encourage you to upgrade your integrations, queries, and other API practices to utilize API 2.0. See our migration guide for additional details. If you have specific questions about migrating to API 2.0, please contact Jira Align Support or your Advisory Services representative.

Changes to on-premise backoffice service

In version 10.127.X for on-premise instances, we’re updating the backoffice service to no longer use the AgileCraftServer database. Instead, the backoffice service will use the customer database created during initial installation. The backoffice service will need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled in a new database-specific folder when upgrading to version 10.127.X and beyond.

We are currently updating our installation and upgrade instructions to account for this change, in both the on-premise guide and release notes included with the on-premise download package. If you have questions about working with the backoffice service, please contact Jira Align Support.

Reminder: End-of-support status for legacy Jira Align functionality

In November, we announced that several Jira Align pages, reports, and settings will reach their end-of-support (EOS) status as of the 10.130.0 release, scheduled for February 16, 2024. After the transition to EOS status, we intend to remove this functionality over the next several quarters. Please review our announcement for the full list of affected functionality and more details on the removal timeline: Announcing end-of-support status and future removals for legacy Jira Align functionality

Improvements to the new navigation experience

We’ve made the following improvements to the new navigation experience, with a few more to come very soon:

Enterprise menu

  • Coming soon: The strategic snapshots selector will be removed from the Enterprise menu in the top navigation bar. Selecting the Enterprise menu will open the strategy room as it does today, but the snapshot selection will now be made through a page-level filter. We’ll also add the snapshot filter to the strategic backlog and strategy tree pages.
  • A program increment filter has been added to the sidebar. This will allow you to see global views on the backlog and roadmaps pages.
    • Soon, we'll remove the strategic snapshot filter from the sidebar.
  • Roadmaps has been added to the sidebar.

With these changes, you’ll be able to view and manage organization-wide backlogs and roadmaps.


  • A multi-program filter is now available on the program backlog page, allowing you to view additional programs in list or kanban views.
  • Multi-solution and multi-portfolio views will follow in future releases.


  • We’ve made pages and reports more discoverable in the sidebar, by ensuring pages related to the context menu selected in the top navigation bar are displayed in relevant sidebar sections, such as More items.
  • Reports found in the Reports section of the sidebar are now sorted in alphabetical order, according to your platform terminology settings.

Dependency maps

Dependency maps were added to the Reports section of the sidebar, when viewing a portfolio, solution, or team.

Improvements to the OKR details panel

We’ve updated the new OKR details panel to provide more parity with the legacy experience, show more details, and better organize information about your objective and key results. The following updates have been made to the panel:

  • Terminology: Field names, menu options, and links have been simplified, with a focus on clarity.
    • View discussions renamed to Discussions
    • Objective tree renamed to Go to objective tree
    • Copy renamed to Copy objective
    • Delete renamed to Delete objective
    • Go back to legacy experience renamed to Switch to the legacy view
    • Objective schedule renamed to Program increment
    • Target completion date renamed to Due date
    • Objective tier renamed to Tier
    • Team renamed to Portfolio
    • Additional contributors renamed to Contributors
  • Feature parity: We’ve added the following fields to the panel:
    • Anchor sprint
    • Start date
    • Tier
    • Team, program, and/or solution (multi-select)
    • Category
    • Type
    • Planned value
    • Delivered value
    • Custom fields (text area)
    • Theme
  • Section names: We’ve improved the information architecture to make it easier to quickly find important data. Fields and information from related items have been reorganized into new sections.

For more info on these updates, see our post in Atlassian Community: Upcoming improvements to the OKR slide out

Improvements to custom fields in API 2.0

In addition to id and value, API calls that return custom field data now include the name of the custom field in the JSON response. For example:

"customfield_90779": [
"id": 9,
"fieldName": "Case Development Reason"
"value": "Met current standards."

Dependencies now supported in API 2.0

We’ve added an endpoint for dependencies in the API 2.0. This enables you to create, read, update, and delete dependencies. API details are available in swagger, and documentation on using API 2.0 can be found here.

More improvements to status reports

Building off our changes made in the previous version, we’ve added additional enhancements to the status reports page:

New primary program filter

We’ve added a new filter, Filter by Primary Programs, inside the Extra Configs menu. Use this filter to only display epics and stand-alone features that have the program(s) being viewed listed as their primary program.

Ability to hide stand-alone features

We’ve tied the visibility of stand-alone features to the Hide stand-alone Features in backlog program setting. For clarity, we’ve renamed the setting to Hide stand-alone features in backlog and status reports. Choosing Yes for the setting will hide stand-alone features when viewing status reports.

Display full user name in status tooltips

Now, when you hover over a Status field value, the full name of the user that set the status will display in the resulting tooltip.

Features: Status field configuration updates

As part of resolving JIRAALIGN-4733, we’ve updated the controls for the Status field on features inside of details panel settings:

  • The Required toggle has been disabled, as Status is not a field that displays on a feature’s details panel. The Active toggle is still available, which controls the availability of the Status column and filter on the features grid page. This toggle doesn’t have any effect on the status reports page.
  • A tooltip has been added next to the field inside of details panels settings, explaining the effects of making the field active or inactive.

Removal of legacy reports

As previously announced, we’ve removed several legacy reports:

  • Actioneering, Actioneering report
  • Analyze allocation & burn rates
  • Blocked card trend
  • Card distribution
  • Complete state trend
  • Constraints
  • Defect status
  • Dev availability
  • Epic scheduling
  • Hours by program
  • Load by sprint (a.k.a. Individual task load by sprint)
  • Meeting attendance
  • Meeting health (a.k.a. Standup attendance by sprint)
  • Not started trend
  • People chart
  • Portfolio funding status
  • Program quality
  • Retrospective roll-up report
  • Retrospective surveys
  • Splits and drops
  • Status by column
  • Story health
  • Success criteria status
  • Task burn down (also known as task burndown report)
  • Yesterday’s results

If you attempt to visit these locations through a previously-saved link, bookmark, or Favorites entry in Jira Align’s navigation, you’ll be redirected to a new page that informs you the functionality has been removed. Select the Learn more link from the page to see more info about recently removed functionality, as well as instructions on how to clear old entries from Favorites.

Quality module: Confirmed and upcoming object removals

In version 10.121.3, we removed the summary pages within the Quality module, while references to some objects remained. In this release, we’ve cleaned up the codebase and removed all references and links to test plans.

In version 10.128.0 10.129.0, we plan to fully remove references and links to test cases.
Note: We've updated this removal timeline to version 10.129.0, which will take place on January 19, 2024.

Defect fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-2904 Admin: Creating a new user fails if the email address contains an apostrophe 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4341 "Story Point Progress by Team" report: Mismatch between graph and mouse over info numbers 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4733 Features: The Status field in Details Panels Settings has no functionality 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4860 The "Jira Project" dropdown option is missing from Feature and Story list filters 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4920 Cannot add Custom Text Area type in New Objective 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4935 Team Room: UI issues with the sprint status button and the graph visibility in the report 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4941 Release Burndown timeout 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4942 Cannot disable some fields on the details panel for both Epics and Capabilities 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4945 Risk Find Epic Field not assigning to the field and searching properly the Epic 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4948 Incorrect Average High/Low Velocity calculation in Velocity by Team (Trend) 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-4976 Stories filter in Team Room doesn't filter stories properly 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5004 Program Increment Cleanup Report does not obey tier 1 filters for Action Items 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5007 Capability Audit Log does not show Parent Epic at Creation 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5102 Slow Performance On ProgramBoardItemView Calls affects the ProgramBoard load performance 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5155 (New UI) Multiple program filter doesn't work in Feature Backlog 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5270 New Navigation: Unable to rank backlog by Global-PI rank (PI filter not on strategy sidebar) 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5289 New Navigation - Work tree page calculations differ between old and new nav 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5345 New Nav in Align does not offer option for enterprise (all Portfolio) view of Roadmaps 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5351 Creating a KeyResult via API POST call results in error 400: Value for parentType is invalid 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5360 New Nav: Roadmap does not filter results using only PI 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5434 New nav - Objectives grid displays all objectives when the selected program has no objectives 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5803 When updating Epic Time/Skills Process Step dates, a blank page is returned and the date isn't saved 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5854 New UI - In Program Rooms when using Extra config Team filter if you change the Program the filter will still be applied 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5859 New Nav: Custom Room Backlog: Selecting child value crashes filters and UI 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5867 Global Search - Capabilities are not displayed in the results result list when searched by ID 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5876 [New Navigation] Team Level Filter is missing in the Dependency Map 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5894 Burndown Report - Gray Line showing wrongly 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-6051 Solution Objective tree - columns shown not updated based on selection. 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-6114 New Nav - Backlog does not filter results only by using PI 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-6127 Navigating to Roadmap from Custom Room Causes Left Navigation Bar Disappearance 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-6180 Administration -> adding Projects or accessing Jira Custom Setup page causes blank pages 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-6186 Forecast Page: Item Level Dropdown Displays Default Terminologies 10.127.1
JIRAALIGN-5942 Changing any Capability field that refreshes without needing to Save can cause the overwrite of a Custom Text Box Field 10.127.2
JIRAALIGN-6177 Case Development: 2nd Saved in Epic, create Error <Custom FieldName> is empty with required field 10.127.2
JIRAALIGN-6192 Case Development with Required field: Sponsor field in benefits tab on Epic auto clears on 'save and close' 10.127.2
JIRAALIGN-6247 on v10.127.1, UserUpload Grid- when importing template, Throwing the "System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException 10.127.2
JIRAALIGN-5356 Export Epics - Exporting Epics are getting timeout errors and generating corrupted files 10.127.3
JIRAALIGN-5430 New Nav: Story Grid filter 'Team' not filtering results properly 10.127.3
JIRAALIGN-6203 Successors/Predecessor: Inconsistent Audit Logging When Removing/Adding Relationship 10.127.3
JIRAALIGN-6246 Adding Links to Objectives is not possible without Enterprise> Goals role permission 10.127.3
JIRAALIGN-6282 Work Item Links - tab does not load when clicked 10.127.3


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