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About this report

The work summary report provides a list and count of objects currently entered into the Jira Align system. For example, you can see the count of features, risks, or defects in the entire system. This report is beneficial to administrators for tracking object counts and maintaining metrics on specific object types.

To navigate to this report:

If you’re using the new navigation:

  1. Select Strategy in the top navigation bar and select the strategic snapshot you want to view information about.
  2. On the sidebar, select Reports in the list of options.
  3. Select Work summary; the report displays.

If you’re using the old navigation:

  1. Select the Reports icon from the left Nav menu.
  2. Start typing the report's name in the Search box.
  3. Once found, select the report.
    Note: You can also use the categories on the left to search for the needed reports.


  1. There are no true prerequisites for using this report--it will report on any of the objects, listed in the section below, that have been entered in the system. If an object in the list has not been entered into the system, the count will be 0.

How are report values calculated? 

  • Code Reviews = count of all code reviews entered on the Code Reviews page.
  • Defects = count of all defects entered on the Defects page.
  • Developer Tasks = count of all tasks entered on the Tasks page, marked as Development task on the Add Task page.
  • Enhancements = count of all ideas/enhancements entered on the Your Ideas page.
  • Features = count of all features entered on the Features page.
  • Impediments = count of all impediments entered on the Impediments page.
  • Iterations = a count of all sprints entered on the Sprint List page.
  • Meetings = a count of all meetings entered on the Meetings page.
  • Personas = a count of all personals entered on the Personas page.
  • Programs = a count of all programs entered on the Programs page.
  • QA Tasks = count of all tasks entered on the Tasks page, marked as QA task on the Add Task page.
  • Program Increments = count of all PIs entered on the Program Increments page. 
  • Resources = count of all users entered in the system.
  • Risks = count of all risks entered on the Risks page.
  • Sales Visits = a count of all customer visits entered on the Visits Summary page.
  • Specifications = a count of specifications entered on the Specifications page (specifications are tied to stories).
  • Stories = count of all stories entered on the Stories page.
  • Teams = count of all teams entered on the Teams page.
  • Test Cases = count of all test cases entered on the Test Cases page.


How to interpret this report

View the object counts to track and maintain metrics on specific object types.

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