Release Notes for 10.93


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Enhancements and Features

Improved performance for the WIP by State report

We optimized SQL performance on the WIP by State report to make loading data faster. Previously, the time to load data with over 10,000 stories took 9 minutes. With the new SQL, the same data loads in about 60 miliseconds.

Estimation conversions

For those who recall the updates coming down the pipeline for estimation conversions, the time has come! We simplified the estimation conversions to have one global Member Weeks (MW) → Points field for all three work items.

This change may affect your instance if you’ve entered different values into the member weeks pivot field for different work items. In these cases, Jira Align will use the MW → Points value entered into the field when the work item type dropdown is set to Epic. For example, if your estimation conversion settings currently has “1 MW = 5 story points” configured for epics, but features have “1 MW = 2.5 story points”, all feature estimations will change to use the configured value for epics, meaning their conversions from MW to points will be 5 points, instead of 2.5.


Introducing usability enhancements for forecasting!

Most notably, we overhauled the Plan Capacity modal for Member Week (MW) or Team Week (TW) forecasting. The new design aims to simplify the process of planning for future capacity. This includes moving the program and team sections above the fold of the modal, while buffers and specialists can still be configured towards the bottom of the modal. We also adjusted the columns on the modal so it’s more intuitive to see how current and planned FTEs translate into TW or MW capacity across all teams in a program.


We’ve also updated the calculations for columns displayed in the modal, to make adjusting your capacity prior to entering forecast estimates more clear:

  • Planned Capacity (MW): (Planned FTE value x # of weeks in the PI based on the anchor dates)- total buffer
  • Planned Capacity (TW): ((Planned FTE value / 6) x # of weeks in the PI based on the anchor dates)- total buffer
  • Current FTEs: Calculated based on team member allocations to each child team of the program. For example, if a user has an allocation of 80% on a team, they will count as 0.8 FTE. If they have no allocation, it will default to 1 FTE.

  • Planned FTEs: Provides the fieldswhere you can adjust the amount of FTEs that will be available for an upcoming PI. This is useful for accounting for known staff increases or decreases. If the FTEs will not change in the PI you are forecasting for, click the Use Current FTE link at the bottom-right to copy values from Current FTEs.

  • Needed Capacity: Sum of forecast estimates already entered on work items associated with the program/team and planned for the selected PI.

    In addition, on the Forecasting page, we’ve re-arranged some of the columns. In particular, the progress bar is now next to the work item name.


Lastly, we’ve updated the header that displays above the columns you use to enter forecast estimates for work items:

  • Capacity Remaining = Planned Capacity - Capacity Forecasted
    • Displayed below Capacity Remaining is the total of forecast estimates / total capacity available for the program/team:

API Documentation updates

We updated our API documentation to identify properties that are read-only.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-2783 When applying filters on the People page, the count of results displays in the header, rather than at the bottom of the page
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2768 When retrieving the work item audit log from the API, the time in the auditTimeStamp field displays the server time rather than UTC
JIRAALIGN-2964 Users cannot identify read-only fields in Swagger
JIRAALIGN-2907 Users cannot set ownerId on the Tasks endpoint with POST or PATCH calls
JIRAALIGN-2887 Users cannot add new blocks to the canvas
JIRAALIGN-2930 Checklist admins cannot edit checklists that other users create
JIRAALIGN-2852 Users cannot edit checklists when accessing the checklist from a portfolio they aren't part of
JIRAALIGN-2958 Users cannot maximize the list of checklist steps once the list has been minimized
JIRAALIGN-2940 Users can assign dependencies to archived or completed program increments
JIRAALIGN-2857 Clicking the Theme column header does not sort the list of epics by theme
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-1874 Changing the primary program of a work item causes sync to fail
Program Increments  
JIRAALIGN-2785 When adding a single sprint to the PI using the Details panel, if a user attempts to create a duplicate sprint, a warning message displays and previously filled-in information is cleared
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-2949 The Apply, Cancel, and X buttons on the View Configuration modal are unresponsive
JIRAALIGN-2989 On the Capacity Planning report, allocations are not included for team members with the Product Owner or Team Coach role
JIRAALIGN-2933 On the Forecast report, team buffers display on all programs within a PI, even if the team is part of a different program
JIRAALIGN-2743 The Investment by Feature report does not reflect Configuration bar selections
JIRAALIGN-2281 On the Story Completion Ratio report, the ratio of accepted stories displays an incorrect value

On the epic and feature roadmaps, when a portfolio or program and a PI are selected in the Configuration bar, the ordering of epics or features does not match the ranking in the epic or feature backlog

JIRAALIGN-2655 When a team is selected in the Configuration bar, users who do not have the Team > Manage >
Teams system role permission cannot view the roadmaps page
JIRAALIGN-2905 When adding a filter by tag, the search bar only displays the first 20 results
JIRAALIGN-2909 Using the Group by functionality sorts groups from Z-A, instead of from A-Z


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