10X: Plan Capacity for Teams and Programs

You can view the program capacity and configure capacity for teams for forecasting purposes. You can adjust the number of people on the individual team and add one or more buffers for that team for the PI.

Additionally, you can add a specialist if the team requires outside help and allocate specific portions of an epic, a stand-alone feature, or a capability to that specialist. Specialists show on their own line under the team and will be added to the team drop-down menu when you allocate epics, stand-alone features, or capabilities to teams.

Important: The plan capacity settings configured here apply to the Plan Demand view of the forecast.

Note:  The Plan Capacity button will only be available if the Portfolio and Portfolio Specific Estimation Systems under Administration > Settings > Platform are configured to use T-Shirt size or Team/Member weeks.  This button will not be visible if the Points Estimation System is in use.  

Program capacity

To view the program capacity when estimating in team/member weeks or t-shirt sizes:

  1. Select Program from the left menu bar.
  2. Under the Manage section, select Forecast.
  3. Click Plan Capacity on the toolbar.
  4. Under Scope, select a PI and one or multiple programs.
  5. Next to the PI, select how you want to calculate the capacity:
    • Use Actual Sprint Dates. The number of weeks in the sprint is used according to the actual sprint schedule.
    • Override Weeks in Sprints. The number of weeks that you specify in the text box is used for all sprints instead of the actual sprint schedule.

      Note: The Plan Capacity button will not display when estimating in story points.

     6. Under Program Capacity, view the capacity for each selected program:

    • Planned FTEs is a sum of all planned full-time equivalents (FTEs) from teams and specialists.
    • Available Capacity displays the available capacity in member weeks or team weeks:
      • Member weeks (MW): Planned FTEs multiplied by a number of weeks in a PI.
      • Team weeks (TW): A number of weeks in a PI.
    • MW/TW depends on the estimation technique selected.
    • Needed Capacity is a total of team weeks and member weeks in all epics, capabilities, and stand-alone features assigned to the selected PI and programs.
    • Capacity Gap is a number of team weeks and member weeks calculated on the difference between planned capacity and needed capacity. Capacity gap is green when the number equals or is bigger than 0. It is red when the number is lower than 0.

Team capacity

To plan the team capacity:

  1. Scroll down to a program’s name.
  2. Next to the program, select how you want to calculate the capacity:
    • FTE Based Planning. The numbers from the Planned FTEs boxes are used for the calculation. Set the planned FTEs for each team or specialist if applicable.
      Important: The Use Current FTE button overrides the Planned FTEs boxes with the values from the Current FTEs boxes. Current FTEs is calculated as the average sum of allocations for the last five sprints which are related to the selected team and PI.
    • Override People per Team. The number of people that you specify in the text box is used for all teams (only teams, not specialists).

     3. Click Save Capacity.

When you save the capacity here, it updates the capacity in the Plan Demand view of forecast report. In the Agile by Group view, the overall program capacity is changed based on the sum of all teams' capacity. The specific team's capacity is changed in the Agile by Team view.

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