10X: Configure Estimation Settings

The configuration page contains various options to customize Jira Align to match your company.

To configure your environment:

  1. Select Administration from the left menu bar, and then click Platform under Settings.
  2. On the Team tab:
    1. From the Point System drop-down menu, select the point system your agile teams will use.
    2. From the Manage Products drop-down menu, select Yes for your product to be a required field on all features.
    3. Click Save Settings.
  3. On the Portfolio tab:
    1. From the Estimation System drop-down menu, select the estimation method for features, capabilities, and epics.
    2. Next to Estimation Conversions, click Manage Here.
    3. Enter the number of team weeks in the estimation sections in the Team Weeks boxes, and enter the number of story points in the Estimated Story Points boxes, depending on what your estimation method is:
      • T-Shirt Size for EpicsEach T-shirt size should roughly represent the number of team weeks. Each T-shirt size should also roughly represent the number of story points (sum of all stories associated with child work items of the epic) required to deliver the epic. Additional options are available in this section:
        • Sort  - enter a numerical value to control the order the T-shirt size row displays in dropdown menus. Lower numbers display first. 
        • X - Click the red X icon to remove a row from the list.
        • Add - Click the Add button at the bottom of the section to add a new row.
      • Fibonacci or Power of 2: Enter the number of team weeks just for number 1—the higher numbers will auto-calculate. The default value for number 1 is 1.4 team weeks. Enter the number of story points (sum of all stories associated with child work items of the epic) for each row. 

Note: The following conversions are generated for each estimation type section in the Estimation Conversions dialog. These conversions will be used in future forecasting features currently in development:

      • Member Weeks - calculated as Team Weeks * 6 (assumes six members per team)
      • Hours - calculated as Member Weeks * (6 * 5) (assumes six-hour workdays, five days per week)
      • FTE/mo (full-time equivalents per month) - calculated as Member Weeks / 4 (assumes an average of four weeks per month)
    1. Click Save Settings, and then close the dialog box.
    2. If you selected Points as the estimation type from the Estimation System drop-down menu, then select the estimation system for epics, capabilities, and features such as an open text field, Fibonacci numbers, or power of 2 from the Display Estimates In drop-down menu.
    3. Click Save Settings.

Tip: Click the Portfolio Specific Configuration button to select different options for each portfolio. Note that the Estimation Conversions menu is global and applies to all portfolios.

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