Release Notes for 10.42


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Enhancements and Features

Objectives from Work Item Details 

  • We've made it easier to associate objectives with existing work items. You may now search for and attach objectives directly from the details slide-out panel of epics, capabilities, and features. Open the panel on any of these items and scroll down to the Objectives section. You can then start typing the name of ID of an existing objective to search:

Capability Status Report Redesign

  • We have updated Status Report (Capabilities) to show only data that is relevant to capabilities.

    List of changes made:
    • Changed terminology of report header from Epic: to Capability:.
    • Removed sections in the report not applicable to capabilities:
      • Schedule
      • NVP
      • Success Criteria
    • Removed the report's intake form.
    • Updated the Acceptance Criteria and Risks sections to show only data associated with the capability.
    • Renamed the Capabilities and Features section to Features; only features associated to the capability are displayed.


  • In version 10.41, we introduced the ability to create custom fields on themes. In this release, you now have the ability to display these custom fields on the Themes Backlog page.


  • Updated the Feature Backlog and Features pages to directly support display of the T-Shirt Size field from the Columns Shown menu. Previously the Estimate field had to be selected in the page configuration menus to show t-shirt sizes or other types of estimates. Note that your portfolio estimation settings must use t-shirt sizing for this option to be available.

Azure DevOps Connector

  • Additional retry logic for failed items has been introduced to the Azure DevOps connector. This new functionality will help ensure data consistency in cases where there are brief connectivity issues between AgileCraft and Azure DevOps.


  • The Time Submission Metrics report inside of Time Tracking has been updated to only load metrics once a user selects the Apply button to run the report. This makes the first load of the page much faster when a large amount of data is present:

Defect Fixes by Area


  • Fixed an issue where notes captured during the Sprint Review meeting were not saved when a user selected the Continue later option at the end of a meeting.
  • Added an error message to the display when attempting to save a sprint that has a mismatch between the sprint program and team program. The program selected in a sprint's details slide-out panel must match the program assigned to the team associated with the sprint. Previously this mismatch would report a successful edit upon saving, while the Program field for the sprint would be left empty.
  • Corrected a validation issue that allowed users with the team role of Analyst to start or complete sprints in the Team Room, even when the user did not have the correct system permissions to do so. System permissions are now validated when attempting to start or complete sprints.


  • Updated the Capabilities section inside the details slide-out panel of an epic. Users may now select a PI when creating a new capability from this area. Selections available in the PI drop-down will match the PIs assigned to the epic. Previously, capabilities created in this manner were not assigned to any PI:

  • Case Development custom fields in the Benefits tab of an epic's details slide-out panel now display regardless of PI assignment. Previously these fields would not appear until a PI was assigned to an epic.


  • Fixed an issue where the Apply Filters menu was not working correctly on the Capabilities page. When filtering by Primary Program, capabilities from unrelated programs were displayed. Now only capabilities from the selected program display, and the applied filter is displayed in the upper-left corner of the page.
  • Corrected an issue when filtering by PI on the Capability Estimation page. When a selection was made in the Program Increment drop-down, capabilities that did not belong to the PI were being erroneously displayed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Program Increment column on the Impediments page was not displaying any data.


  • Some users were seeing a blank area with no data when viewing the Members tab inside a team's details slide-out panel:

    This has been corrected and data now correctly displays in the tab.


  • Fixed an issue where the Epic Progress report was not respecting settings in the Extra Configs menu. When the Do Not Show Stand-Alone Features toggle was active, standalone features were erroneously displayed within the Features by Step section of the report:

  • Fixed an issue on Work in Process by State report where the graphs inside the Lean Metrics button were not filtering by program. These graphs now filter by the selection made in the Program Increment drop-down on the page, and/or the program selected in the Configuration bar.
  • Fixed an issue where the headers and labels at the top of the Process Step Cycle Time report were not displaying custom terminology. For example, if the term Value Stream was changed to Benefit River in your system's terminology settings, the top of the report would still display as Value Stream Process Step Cycle Time.

Import & Export

  • Fixed multiple issues that occurred when adding acceptance criteria to a story through the Import function:
    • After import, the added or updated acceptance criteria was not captured in the story's audit log.
    • When integrated with Jira, imported acceptance criteria was not captured by the connector and synced. If another action caused Jira to sync the story, the imported acceptance criteria would be overwritten by the previous Jira record.
  • Fixed a validation issue with the Task Type field when importing tasks. Previously users could import tasks that had invalid entries in Task Type. These tasks would be associated to a story, but when viewed from the Team Room, the story would show no tasks were present. Now if an invalid entry is present for type, no import will take place and an error message will display.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of special characters when exporting epics. Previously "&" characters were incorrectly displaying as "&amp" in the export file.
  • Updated the import templates for both epics and capabilities to specify that Type is a required field. Previously this was not notated, which caused frustration among users that had to set the type for an epic or capability in the user interface before being able to make additional changes.
  • Fixed an issue where the output file was identified as corrupt when exporting dependencies.

Roles & Permissions

  • Fixed an issue where the Acceptance Criteria field was displaying in a very small window when the user viewing a story did not have permission to edit the story. If the contents of the field were large, not all data could be viewed. Now the Acceptance Criteria field is the same size for all users.
  • Fixed an issue where deactivated users were still receiving email notifications when a story was updated.


  • Fixed an issue where erroneous characters were displaying inside of team type section headers when viewing the Teams tab from a user's details slide-out panel. For example, in the Assigned to Teams list, the Program Team section header was displaying as {13_S} Team.


  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit program names while using Internet Explorer. 
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