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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Explore PIs with More Actions found on the toolbar of the PIs grid:

  • Allocation Report: The Program Increment Allocation report provides a roll-up, by team member, of ownership of stories and allocations of tasks and defects across a selected PI.
  • Clean-Up Report: The Program Increment Cleanup report shows all of the work items with an owner, from highest to lowest level, that are not yet closed/accepted/delivered and due for completion in the selected PI.
  • Copy: Quickly create a new PI by copying an existing one. The following information needs to be filled in: PI number, name, short name, start and finish dates, and description.
  • Delete: Delete a PI if necessary. PIs cannot be restored.
  • Program Increment Roadmap: The Program Increment Roadmap report provides a roadmap view of PIs and release vehicles in a scrolling timeline.
  • Program Increment Charts: Navigate to the Reports landing page that has been already filtered by the PI report category.
  • Program Increment Schedule: The Program Increment Schedule will open a PI Roadmap which offers a quick idea of how the PI is progressing, when it ends, or when it is supposed to be commercialized, it also gives the actual and estimate costs. Mostly the higher level of executives will benefit from the Program Increment view, for example, here they can immediately see the highlighted items, which are the most important items in the PI.
  • Program Increment Sprint Report: The Program Increment Sprint report displays the dates, details, and progress of sprints tied to a selected PI.
  • Release Vehicles: Navigate to the Release Vehicles grid. A release vehicle represents an actual release to market or to internal end users of the software.
  • Scope Change Report: The Program Increment Scope report captures features that have been added and/or removed during a PI. It provides a snapshot of features that were in scope at the beginning of a PI, and allows you to track all changes and view the current features in scope. This report also shows how estimates may have changed on stories and features during the PI.
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