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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.11.0

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Program room: Capacity-based widget and calculations toggle removal in 11.4.X

In version 10.130.X, we introduced a toggle at the top of the program room page that enables a new widget, forecast vs. capacity. This new widget focuses on forecasted work vs. available program increment capacity, and replaces the program PI load (estimates view) widget. The toggle also streamlines the calculations for the program PI load (actual view) and team load widgets by utilizing information from the new capacity page and removing the need for manual overrides.

Due to the to the positive response to these changes, we will remove the toggle from the program room in version 11.4.X, which will first ship to test environments on September 27, 2024. At that time, the new widget and calculations will be active for all users in your environment. Note that you will no longer have the ability to override program PI velocities from widgets.

Enhancements and features

Last updated: June 21, 2024 to include mentions of previously unreported improvements to objective theme error messages and roadmap loading improvements.

These features for 11.0 were released to environments on the continuous release track on June 14, 2024, in version 11.0.0. The features were then released to environments on the bundled release track on June 24, 2024 in version 11.0.1.

On-premise: .NET 8 runtime required

The Microsoft .NET 8 runtime is now required to install or upgrade to Jira Align on-premise versions 11.0.X and higher. At this time, the .NET 6 runtime should remain installed in parallel. We will make an announcement in future version release notes once .NET 6 can be removed. 

On-premise: Backoffice app settings configuration changes

To make sure installation of the Backoffice is successful, we've updated the AgileCraft.Backbone.dll.config file for all new installations to specify two app settings. These settings will be detailed in the .txt file release notes included in the on-premise installation package, and have been added to the on-premise guide version 11.0.X

In-product cookie controls

We’ve added cookie controls to Jira Align as part of Atlassian’s cookie and tracking policies. This gives you more options to manage cookie preferences and opt out of cookies that are not strictly necessary.

Upon login, all users will see a new banner with three choices for cookies: preferences, only necessary or accept all:


If the preferences option is selected, a new window displays with options to allow specific types of cookies:


End-of-support status for mind maps

As previously announced, mind maps are no longer supported by Jira Align. We will no longer file new defects against this functionality, and it will be removed sometime later in 2024. We’ll provide at least 30 days notice in release notes once a removal date has been set.

API 2.0: Endpoints available for new milestones

We’ve added API endpoints for milestones created in the new milestones tab inside of details panels for themes, epics, capabilities, and features.

Jira connector: Corrected story behavior after closing a sprint

As part of delivering suggestion JIRAALIGN-2010, we’ve updated story sync behavior between Jira and Jira Align when a sprint is closed. Consider the following scenario:

  1. A story is incomplete, and belongs to a sprint in Jira.
  2. The sprint is closed in Jira.
  3. The incomplete story is moved to the backlog in Jira.

After a sync, the story can be found in the unassigned backlog inside of Jira Align. Previously, this story would remain in the closed sprint.

Objectives: Better error messaging for theme mismatches

We've made updates to the new objectives experience details panel, to better indicate a mismatch between associated themes and assigned programs or portfolios. If you attempt to change an objective's assigned program or portfolio, and the currently associated theme is not also assigned to the program/portfolio, an error message will display. The portfolio objective cannot be successfully saved until an available theme is selected or the invalid theme is removed.


Performance improvements

Portfolio room loading improvements

In this release, we made a change to address a session locking issue that was causing portfolio room widgets to load sequentially, or even time out. Now, widgets will load in parallel when visiting the room.

In future releases, we’ll continue rolling out performance improvements to the portfolio room and program room.

Roadmap loading improvements

We've optimized the queries that locate and display epics, capabilities, and features inside the roadmaps page. Initial results show significantly reduced load times for data sets of varying sizes. For views that display less than 1,500 items, you'll see the page load up to 60% faster!

Bug fixes

Last updated: June 28, 2024 to include bug fixes delivered in bug fix release

This list of resolved bugs will be updated weekly to reflect changes from maintenance and bug fix releases. You can see the contents of individual bug fix releases in the Bug fix release notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-2784 Release vehicle roadmap: Feature states color mapped incorrectly 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-3006 Roadmap -> Fixed date milestones do not display if the very 1st deliverable has none of the dates populated 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-5309 Forecast - "Hide Empty Rows and Columns" removes all entries 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-5455 Roadmaps: Slow Performance On Epics Calls 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-5905 Capabilities connected via an additional program are not available for selection in a Risk 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6184 Process Steps: tblAgileWIPValueHistory table not saving Feature updates 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6200 Epics: Editing 'Additional Program' and 'PI' fields causes the Estimate fields to disappear 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6330 Work Tree: the "Narrow to Program and Program Increment" toggle enabled removes all values selected on the "Extra configs" 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6354 New Nav - Configure Tier Selection Screen leads to no page 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6364 Importing Theme with blank Programs field changes assigned Program 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6382 Roadmap - Features filter on over 1000 records results in Error 500 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6462 Apply Filter operator on Grids functions differently based upon where the user navigates from 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6612 Value Engineering Report - no data displayed on Custom Room and Item > Epic 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6684 Unable to update/save the End Date for Users 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6698 The status report doesn't display the configured Platform terminology as expected in all areas. 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6808 Cannot stars Program Increments home page 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6888 Disable "Major Theme" field but still appears in Theme Rank report 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6905 Themes: It takes a long time to load the theme's page 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-6938 API 2.0: Inconsistency With Filtering By DateTime 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-7022 Linked Objective Milestone without a Target Completion Date on the Roadmap causes the timeline to no longer display 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-7084 After upgrading to 10.133.2, the Theme filter is no longer showing in the EpicGrid and Epic Backlog for non-SuperAdmin roles. 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-7104 Changing Anchor Sprint in new OKR slide-out doesn't update on Program Board 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-7107 Work item milestones without dates cause the roadmap header timeline to no longer display 11.0.0
JIRAALIGN-7207 Teams: duplicated users added to teams 11.0.1
JIRAALIGN-7210 Jira Connector -Hiting save button on Jira Setup configuration tab cleans up Work Code mapping in Field management tab 11.0.1
JIRAALIGN-7223 404 Error on /privateapi/jira/connectors/1/field-mappings API Call 11.0.1
JIRAALIGN-6259 Feature and Capability field updates are not saving for the Risk work item



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