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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.133

Enhancements and features

These features for 10.133 were released to environments on the continuous release track on May 17, 2024, in version 10.133.1. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on May 24, 2024, in version 10.133.2:

New milestones tab: track more, more easily

🚀 Exciting news! You can now create milestones for themes, epics, capabilities, and features. Whether it's a small deliverable with a clear due date or a series of events spanning several months, you can easily create, view, and manage milestones within a dedicated tab on the work item’s details panel, and visualize them on the roadmap for easy tracking.

  • Effortless setup: Easily add up to 20 milestones per work item in the new tab on the details panel. Simply input a name to create and save a milestone—all other details are optional. We’ll warn you if and when you’re approaching the maximum.
  • Total flexibility: Milestones can represent anything you want. Your administrators can create custom categories in platform dropdown settings to help you keep them organized. For example, you could create a milestone such as "design exploration" and a select the "design" category.
  • Roadmap visualization: Set start and/or due dates to display and track milestones on the roadmap. Note: you also have the option to show or hide milestones on the roadmap by selecting the Milestones and objectives button, then toggling milestones on or off.
  • Progress tracking: Keep work on track and everyone informed by updating the milestone’s state.
  • Easy management: If you have many milestones in a single work item, you can sort them by name, start date, due date, category, or state. You can also delete milestones by selecting the more menu. All changes will be tracked in the work item’s audit log.
  • Stress-free migration: To ensure data integrity, we’ll automatically migrate all your fixed-date milestones, with their existing names and start and due dates. The new category field will be empty, and the state field will be set to on track if not marked completed. If you have more than 20 milestones per single work item, they will all be migrated. However, you won’t be able to create more milestones until you delete existing ones to stay within the 20 milestone limit.

Enable milestones

To display the milestone tab for different work item levels, switch on the following permission toggles:

  • Themes: Settings > Roles > Portfolio > Themes > Milestones Tab
  • Epics: Settings > Roles > Portfolio > Epics > Milestones Tab
  • Capabilities: Settings > Roles > Solution > Capabilities > Milestones Tab
  • Features: Settings > Roles > Program > Features > Milestones Tab

As part of this launch, we also made a few changes across Jira Align:

  1. Fixed-date milestones are now Milestones. Since you were fond of fixed-date milestones, you can still enjoy all their functionality and more, with a simpler name, and an automatic migration. 
  2. We relabeled the Milestones button on the roadmap to Milestones and objectives because you can also enable objectives on the roadmap through this modal.
  3. To prevent confusion, we renamed Objective Milestones to Objectives. This change was necessary as the term "objective milestones" was inconsistently used for objectives in different areas of the product.
  4. Finally, inside the Type field of objectives, we’ve renamed the Roadmap Milestone value to Event. It's important to note that all objective types can be viewed on the roadmap, but the event type stands out visually from all other options on the program board.

To dive further into how milestones can improve your experience in Jira Align, check out our blog post. For detailed guidance on utilizing this new feature, please refer to our help documentation. Get ready to take your project tracking to the next level! 

Confirmed removal of Time/Skills tab, skills functionality, and portfolio ask fields

As previously announced, we removed the Time/Skills tab, all skills-related functionality, and milestone Portfolio Ask fields from Jira Align.

Risk ROAM new experience available for all

We’ve enabled the preview of the risk ROAM report’s new experience for all users in your instance. Use the New experience toggle at the upper-right corner of the page to switch the preview on or off. The old experience will be removed in version 11.2.X, giving you time to update internal practices and documentation.

Additionally, the link to the risk ROAM report has been removed from the More Actions menu found on the risks grid page. This is due to the link from the grid not having the proper program context. You can still access the report from the program menu in new navigation.

Status report (epic): updates for new milestones

We’ve enhanced the status report for epics to support new milestone fields and the new Milestones tab on epic details panels. We’ve also removed the Process Step Schedule section, and renamed the Schedule section as Milestones.

  • To support new milestones, we’ve made the following updates to the Fixed Date Milestones table:
    • The Fixed Date Milestones column has been renamed to Milestones
    • New columns for Description, Category, and State
    • Removal of Portfolio Ask

Jira connector: error messaging when project key field is empty

Previously, the slide-out that displays when selecting a Jira project on the Manage Projects tab would allow saving changes when the Project Key field was empty. The project key is used for other actions on the Jira settings page, especially before the project has been synchronized. To prevent issues from occurring, we’ve updated the behavior so that changes can’t be saved when the Project Key field is empty. Instead, a red error message will display stating "Project Key cannot be empty".

Going forward, if you’d like to remove a project, use the Delete function on the slide-out.

The Project(s) selection is now mandatory for running Jira Query Language (JQL) queries on the Jira Integration panel. You can either select one or several projects and then press Run or you can use the Include all projects toggle. This must be done mindfully, since including all projects can cause performance issues when there are a large volume of work items. Additionally, the run can't be stopped once started.


Jira connector: improved visibility on synced work items

To provide better visibility into where data is sourced from, and how up-to-date the latest status is, we've added Last Updated and Last Updated By fields to the top of details panels for features and stories synced with Jira through the connector. 

We've also added warning messages to the top of details panels that inform you when a work item can't be synced with Jira due to a deleted or invalid project.


Public API v2 changes

As part of fixing JIRAALIGN-5840, we've updated the response when running a GET command on features inside the reycle bin. Previously, these commands would return a releaseId of -2 instead of null. To ensure consistency with other work items such as epics, releaseId will now return as null for recycled features.

Performance improvements

Forecast page: load time improvements

We've refactored the forecast page to load data in the table 100% faster when working with a program increment that contains more than 10 teams. 

Defect fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-5048 A Jira Epic is not being synced to Align as a new Feature after having its JiraKey already synced and replaced in Align once in the past. 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-5244 New Nav - Custom Room - Backlog view - No Portfolio, Program, or PI filter 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-5840 REST API: Inconsistency handling releaseId info when deleting items 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-5905 Capabilities connected via an additional program are not available for selection in a Risk 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-5966 Warnings are still appearing on Jira Board after clearing sprint syncing issues 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6160 Jira Integration - Adding Projects to the query appends a leading comma to the "JQL Query Preview" field 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6434 Jira Align - Theme (RPM_GET_THEME_LIST) screen triggering error 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6462 Apply Filter operator on Grids functions differently based upon where the user navigates from 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6503 New Nav: When adding a Parent Key Result to an Objective it is not being logged in Audit log 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6578 Investment by Feature report doesn't respect platform terminology for Driver (Business Driver) 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6599 Reports: when using a Platform Terminology different than the default, some reports will appear without part of the name 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6633 Custom Room Feature Backlog Kanban view - View Features by Team toggle does nothing 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6656 Jira Project ID does the load into State Mapping related tables on JA DB 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6728 It's possible to set Effort Swag score to 0 on an Epic via API which prevents users from being able to save it in UI 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6755 Epic Strategic Value Score can be set to 0 via API causing issues in UI 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6809 Impersonate: Post impersonating, the Profile Picture and Profile name doesn't change. 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-6996 Enterprise Insights table (Risk) not showing accurate data 10.133.1
JIRAALIGN-7021 Format Issues: HTML tags are being added to the description fields of the "Why?" tab in JIRA 10.133.2



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