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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.132

Enhancements and features

These features for 10.132 were released to environments on the continuous release track on April 12, 2024, in version 10.132.0. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on May 3, 2024, in version 10.132.3:

On-premise: .NET 8 support and end of .NET 6 support announcement

We're upgrading our on-premise offering to run on .NET 8. Microsoft support for the .NET 6 runtime will end on November 12, 2024. To prepare for these changes, we recommend installing the .NET 8 runtime ahead of time.

On-premise: Application Name added to Backoffice connection string

We've added Application Name to the Backoffice connection string. This will allow performance management tools to distinguish between applications to quickly pinpoint the sources of an issue. If you're upgrading to a new on-premise version, you'll need to add this information to your existing configuration in the AgileCraft.Backbone.dll.config file.

Jira connector: New field setup menu with support for custom and blocked fields

We’ve updated the Field management tab in Jira connector settings with a new slide-out menu, which allows you to set up the sync, direction, and mapping of fields in a single location. Access the menu by selecting the Add field button.

The new menu provides support for syncing Jira Align custom fields:


Selecting a custom field option will then display a mapping menu:


We’ve also added the ability to sync the Blocked field with Jira Software’s Flagged status:


Jira connector: View sync status for pushes and pulls

We’ve enhanced the Jira Setup tab inside connector settings to display information about previous and current sync status for pushing and pulling data between Jira Align and Jira Software.


For better clarity, the Timer for Jira Issues section has been renamed to Pull from Jira, and the Timer for continuous push to Jira section has been renamed to Push to Jira. Functionality for setting intervals in minutes remains the same.

Each section will display either a Synced, Sync in progress, or Not syncing status, along with additional details about the last sync time and next scheduled sync.

Risk ROAM report new experience updates

Due to high interest, we’ll be enabling the preview of the risk ROAM report’s new experience in the next release. All sandbox environments will have access to the preview in version 10.133.0, and all production environments will have access in version 10.133.2 Once enabled, use the New experience toggle at the upper-right corner of the page to switch the preview on or off. We plan to provide the toggle for at least 90 days, giving you time to update internal practices and documentation.

Additionally, the link to the risk ROAM report will be removed from the More Actions menu found on the risks grid page in the 10.133.X releases. This is due to the link from the grid not having the proper program context. You can still access the report from the program menu in new navigation.

API 2.0: New endpoints for anchor sprints and epic benefits

We’ve added endpoints to the API 2.0 for the following objects. See the API documentation hosted in your environment for more details:

  • Anchor sprints
  • Benefits tab of epic work items

Improved forecast performance when updating estimates via details panel

We’ve improved the performance of the forecast page after editing forecast estimates inside details panels. Previously, the forecast page would require a full refresh after opening a work item’s details panel, adjusting one or more forecast estimates, and then saving or closing. Now, the forecast page will quickly update to reflect new forecast estimates entered in details panels.

Work item based permission toggles for Links tab

As part of correcting JIRAALIGN-5168, we've added toggles to control the display of the Links tab for themes, epics, capabilities, features, and stories to system role permissions. These toggles have been enabled automatically for the super admin role. 


Reminder: Upcoming removal of Time/Skills tab, skills functionality, and portfolio ask fields

As previously announced, we’ll be removing the Time/Skills tab, all skills-related functionality, and epic Portfolio Ask fields from Jira Align in version 10.133.0, which is scheduled to deploy on Friday, May 10, 2024.

Defect fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-2767 API 2.0: lastModified/lastUpdatedDate Timezone Inconsistency 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5028 Dependencies are created from the Story Link Report even if the mandatory fields are unfilled 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5168 The Work Item Links toggle does not work as expected 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5342 REST API: Inconsistent behaviour in retrieving deleted items 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5369 Custom team mappings are being copied automatically when toggling the project dropdown to a project without existing mappings 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5370 API: Can't create custom team mapping with null jira projectKey 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5438 New UI OKR Hub: Program Increment Filter Is Not Populated For Certain Portfolios 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5479 API: Incorrect status code 200 is documented in Swagger for Connector POST endpoints instead of 201 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5799 Persistent Display of Extra Config >> Programs on Program Board After Switching to Different Main Program 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5800 Removing Multiple Additional Programs in Program Board >>Extra Configs Using 'Apply' Rather Than 'Reset' Results in Program Reappearance 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5822 Creating dependency between programs for epic and capability does not show the "No Work Req:" field 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5914 New Nav - Add the Ability to View work Items Links for the Entire JA Portfolios 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-5930 In Program Board screen when selecting a Program with multiple Teams, the right panel does not show names of some teams 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6086 When copying an Epics using the "Copy-> Copy with Children" functionality, features appear multiple times with different stories 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6090 API 2.0: Inconsistency With Date/Time When Item Is Created Via API And UI 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6313 Portfolio Room - Accepted Spend Panel is not working 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6542 Story Point Progress by Team and Estimation Trend: Display in Portfolio layer 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6579 Program Increment Progress Report- Burn up scope line is incorrect 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6632 Field Management > Map Field Values : the fields were displayed outside of the page, when adds over 10 rows 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6701 datahygiene process timing out 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6712 Capacity: The "Team allocation" value includes the allocations of deactivated users and users with removed roles 10.132.0
JIRAALIGN-6589 Custom Hierarchies page lists maximum 20 nodes. 10.132.1
JIRAALIGN-6814 Impersonating a user shows incorrect menu items that the user doesn't have access to 10.132.1
JIRAALIGN-6881 The epic list may be empty in the New Experience Objectives slide-out with 10.131.3 10.132.1
JIRAALIGN-6102 The save button is not visible/accessible on the Settings -> Jira Management screen 10.132.3
JIRAALIGN-6685 Ability to auto-list and see the Capabilities while creating a new Dependency from the Quick Add 10.132.3
JIRAALIGN-6742 Inconsistent behavior while updating Process Steps for Epics in Different browsers 10.132.3
JIRAALIGN-6866 Forecast Page: Feature estimates display in red even though team is under capacity 10.132.3
JIRAALIGN-6899 API - "NeededBySprintID" is not being set on POST Dependency API 10.132.3


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