Record time against tasks

During an active sprint, a team’s scrum master or the task’s assignee can record time worked against a task.

Time can be recorded when:

  • The task’s parent story is assigned to a sprint.
  • The sprint is active.
  • The task has an assignee.
  1. You can record time against a task through its parent story’s Details panel:
    Navigate to Team > Manage > Stories.
  2. On the Stories grid, select the task’s parent story to open the story’s Details panel.
  3. In the Tasks section at the bottom of the panel, select the clock Clock.png icon to add time.
    Note: If the task is synced with Jira Software through a connector, this icon will not be available. Enter task hours from Jira to record time.
  4. In the modal that displays, select the date you’d like to record time for in the corresponding field.
  5. In the Spent field, type the number of hours spent on the task that day.
  6. In the Remaining field, type the estimated hours remaining needed to complete the task.
  7. Select Add Time. The record will display in the Time History table.

Note: Time added against tasks will not be finalized until the team’s standup meeting is run the following day.

Once a task’s logged remaining time reaches 0, the task’s status will automatically change to Done and additional time reporting will not be possible.


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