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With the Jira Align 10.97.0 release, the release cadence will be changing, and so will our Help Center! We’ll be restructuring the What’s New? category to split one Release Notes section into three:

  • The previous 10X: Release Notes section is becoming the Main Release Notes section. Get updates about new features coming to Jira Align. These articles contain compiled information on a Jira Align version, initially published for the 10.X.0 feature release and updated each additional release through 10.X.3.
  • We’re adding a new Supplemental Release Notes section. Subscribe to this and the Main Release Notes section to get weekly notifications whenever Jira Align updates. These articles contain information on individual maintenance releases, published each release from 10.X.1 through 10.X.3.
  • We’re moving Enterprise Insights release notes to a new Enterprise Insights Release Notes section. These are release notes specific to Jira Align Enterprise Insights (EI).

These new sections will become available with the 10.97.0 release on June 18, 2021.

If you previously subscribed to the old Release Notes section, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the new Main Release Notes section. However, you will need to subscribe to the Supplemental and/or Enterprise Insights Release Notes sections if you’re interested in receiving updates about articles published to those sections.
For more information about how to subscribe to these sections, check out our Sign up for real-time release note notifications article. You can also find out more about the release cadence change here.

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