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With the Jira Align 10.74 release, we will no longer be sending our release announcement email. We recently enhanced the Help Center to allow those with accounts to sign-up for release notes publication notifications. So, no longer will you have to wait until the beginning of the week after a release to review the details of new and enhanced features, performance improvements, and defect fixes. Now, you'll receive a notification the instant release notes are published on Friday of the release. 

What you need to do

To receive the real-time release notes publication notifications, you'll need to create a Help Center account and follow the Release Notes section. Please note, this will most likely be a different username and password than your Jira Align and Atlassian username and password. 

 To create an account (or reset your password if an account already exists), click the SIGN IN button on the Help Center (see the pink arrow).


Next, click the Sign up link, enter your name and email, and then click the Sign up button. You'll receive an email to finish setting up your account. If you receive a message that says a user has already signed up with the given email, click the Forgot my password link to reset your password.


Once logged in, from the Help Center home page, click the WHAT'S NEW section (bell icon).



Then click the 10X: Release Notes section header (or the link!). Finally, click the FOLLOW button and then the New articles link.


That's it! As soon as we publish new release notes, you'll receive an email notification with a link!


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