Release Notes for 10.89


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Enhancements and Features

Program Increment Scope Change report calculation changes

The Program Increment Scope Change report was updated to match with the Program Increment Progress report (Burnup by Story). The chat and new summary counts include all stories assigned to a sprint in the PI, as well as stories assigned to the PI but not a sprint. The new summary counts include:

  • All starting points: all story points assigned to a sprint in the PI or assigned to the PI but not a sprint as of the start date of the PI
  • Points added or removed: the net change of story points during the PI from the above count
  • Total points delivered: all story points assigned to a sprint in the PI or assigned to the PI but not a sprint that were accepted after the start date of the PI.

These summary counts will convert to team weeks if that option is selected in the Extra Configs. We also added tooltips to provide more detail on the calculations.


Scoring setting name change

To better clarify what the setting controls, we changed the name of the portfolio-specific setting for Scoring to Scorecards. This name change does not affect the functionality of the setting.

API 2.0 updates

We've made three updates to the API 2.0:

  • Updated Customers API with Create and Update using PUT, PATCH, POST methods
  • Updated Goals API with Create and Update using PUT, PATCH, POST methods
  • Created Milestones API with Read, Create, and Update using GET, PUT, PATCH, POST methods
    • This endpoint will have the same functionality as the current Objectives API

We're planning to make changes to Objectives API object in late 2021 to support new features. As a result, we recommend using the Milestones API for all new development related to SAFe objectives and milestones.

Defect Fixes

API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2765 POST calls toward /align/api/2/Features/<id>/copy result in a 400 Bad Request error
JIRAALIGN-2772 When creating spints, shortName returns a "must be between 1 and 20 characters" error message
JIRAALIGN-2832 / JIRAALIGN-2755 The column headings are misaligned
JIRAALIGN-2332 In portfolios with capabilities, filtering by product does not filter the Epic backlog by the selected product
JIRAALIGN-496 Team and sprint selections are not saved when a user navigates away from and then returns to the backlog
JIRAALIGN-1396 Turning on the Value tab also turns on scorecards functionality
JIRAALIGN-1986 In the Epic Planning view, selecting Show by Story Points results in a 500 error
JIRAALIGN-2680 On the Time / Skills tab, the value in the Complete dropdown menu does not persist when the epic is saved
JIRAALIGN-2359 On capabilities, the Strategy and Theme column values display as Not Specified
Program Board  
JIRAALIGN-2312 Dependencies and features don't display planning issues when stories are assigned to sprints outside the date range of target completion
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-2757 Total Story Points Planned value doesn't match the Actual PI Load value
JIRAALIGN-2764 The Impediments card doesn't include team impediments
JIRAALIGN-434 Risk state displays incorrectly on the status reports
JIRAALIGN-2246 On the Program Increment Progress report, when users drill down by team and then change the selection in the Configuration bar, the report doesn't update to reflect the new selection
JIRAALIGN-2740 On the Velocity by Team report, when a program and PI are selected in the Configuration bar, the report displays information for the entire portfolio (instead of just the selected program and PI)
JIRAALIGN-2738 On the Program Allocation report, when a team is selected in the Configuration bar, the report displays information for the entire program (instead of just the selected team)
JIRAALIGN-1603 On the Scope Change report, changes to LOE are not captured in Points Added/Removed
JIRAALIGN-1187 The Program Tracking report does not include objects that have a target sync sprint selected

The Scope Change Report displays incorrect story points totals for the scope line

Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-1838 When double-clicking a project to view tasks, all tasks duplicate
JIRAALIGN-737 On themes, epics, capabilities, features, and objectives, the Portfolio Ask, Start/Initiation, and Target Completion date fields don't display on the Details panel unless all three are turned on
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