Release Notes for 10.67


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Enhancements and Features

New Strategy Room


We overhauled the Strategy Room to reflect objective achievement aligned to strategy. The room, driven off a snapshot, provides six views:

  • Missions/Visions/Values: Quickly show the snapshot’s mission, vision, and values front and center. Missions, visions, and values can be created in the Strategic Backlog.

  • OKR Heatmap: Visualize business outcome achievement quarter over quarter at the OKR and strategic level--specific to the strategic snapshot.

  • OKR Tree: Show the alignment of team-level objectives/outcomes at the team, program, and portfolio levels up to strategy.

  • Strategy Pyramid: Visualizing the hierarchy of strategy down to execution relating to overall key result achievement. 

  • Execution Against Outcomes: View the progress of accepted work items for each level of strategic goals and objectives.

  • Progress: View progress against all underlying work items and dependencies for the snapshot as a whole.

Strategic goals terminology changes

We updated the default platform terminology for strategic goals:

Previous Terminology Updated Terminology
Long-Term Goals North Star
Yearly Goals Long-Term Goals
Quarterly Goals Long-Term Strategies
Monthly Goals  Yearly Goals

With these changes, strategy begins with yearly goals to define success for a strategic theme and builds up to North Star as a single measurable long-term outcome for the organization. 

Key results on strategic goals

To align objective achievement with strategy, you can now add key results to strategic goals. Strategic goals include North Stars, long-term goals, long-term strategies, and yearly goals, all of which can be created in the Strategic Backlog.

Strategic goals on the Objectives Tree

We updated the Objectives Tree to include strategic goals and their relationships with child strategic goals and objectives.


Defect Details panel enhancements

The following design improvements were made to the Details panel of defects, so that information is easier to consume:
  • The Name field now supports word-wrap, so that users can see the full name of the defect
  • The Status field was moved to display directly under the State field. These fields, as well as the list of links, are now static so that they always display when scrolling in the panel
  • Field widths and alignment were adjusted
  • Dropdown styles were updated 

Role setup for Strategic Backlog
We added a system role toggle for Add/Save under Strategic Backlog to configure the ability to create and update missions, visions, values, and strategic goals on the strategic backlog. By default, this toggle has been switched off, but users who currently can create goals will still be able to create goals after the 10.67 release to production SaaS environments. The new toggle can be found in the Enterprise section of the Administration > Roles settings page.


 Supporting work

We added a new work type, Supporting. This type can be applied to epics, features, stories, and tasks from a work item’s Details panel. While this work item type is not tied to any team-level reports, it can be used to delineate work for those teams that support the delivery stream but may be tangential to or upstream/downstream from the work (i.e. product design or documentation).

Users are no longer able to update individual color preferences

Users will no longer have the ability to update user-specific colors in preferences, and all Jira Align instances were updated to only use the global color configuration set in Platform Settings. For instances that already use the global color configuration, this change will not impact users. 

Flash removal and Firefox import support

To prepare for Adobe’s 2020 plan to end-of-life Flash, we’ve removed all Flash components from Jira Align. As a result of this change, we were able to resolve a past limitation with import functionality and the Firefox web browser. Importing of work items and users is now supported when using Firefox.

Defect Fixes

New! We will now include links to resolved defects, so you can review the errors encountered, impacted areas, and more information. Click the Key of any defect to be taken to (JAC), Jira Align's defect tracking portal. 



Jira Connector
JIRAALIGN-1218 JQL Preview includes "ORDER BY" in UI but not the actual JQL ran against Jira
JIRAALIGN-1097 Jira Deleted Issue Report marks Jira issues as deleted when the API calls return non-404 errors
Azure DevOps Connector
JIRAALIGN-1259 Jira Align is unable to request batches of more than 200 work items changes from Azure DevOps when using OAuth for authentication
JIRAALIGN-1201 Jira Align is unable to request batches of more than 200 work items from Azure DevOps when using OAuth for authentication
JIRAALIGN-1108 Defects can be created with a sprint but without a PI
JIRAALIGN-1165  Able to add the same objective to an epic multiple times
JIRAALIGN-1140 Product Objectives field is not populated when opening the feature from the backlog
JIRAALIGN-1195 Entering effort hours for tasks results in an error
Team Meetings 
JIRAALIGN-1240 Active program increment is shown as inactive after running a meeting
Team Room 
JIRAALIGN-1196 Clicking Save on a story while in the Team Room removes the story's assigned sprint
Test Cases
JIRAALIGN-1119 When creating test cases from a story, the test case's default program and PI are not based on the parent story's program and PI
Portfolio Room
JIRAALIGN-1229 Clicking the Extra Configs button doesn't open all Extra Configs options
Program Increments 
JIRAALIGN-1142 "Whoops" error occurs when opening a program increment's Details panel
JIRAALIGN-1175 Need clearer messaging to explain deleting parent and child work items when moving parent work item to the Recycling Bin
JIRAALIGN-1199 Multiple characters are allowed in the Currency Symbol field
JIRAALIGN-1181 Link to the Velocity Trend page is added when users add Program Predictability report to Favorites
JIRAALIGN-1017  Jira Align support link in the user profile redirects to Zendesk 
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