Estimate features

The options for estimating features are WSJF, T-shirt size, points, and team weeks. You need to set up the estimation method, which is described in the Configure Estimation Settings section.

To estimate a feature:

  1. Select Program from the left menu bar.
  2. Under the Program section of the menu bar, select Features; the Features page displays.  Here, you can estimate features and filter them by several options, including PI, program, release vehicle, backlog type, theme group, theme, text/tags, product, process flow, and process step.
  3. From the More Actions menu on the toolbar (top-right of the page), select Estimation.
  4. From the Program Increment drop-down menu, select the necessary PI or Unassigned Backlog. 
  5. Set the estimate for each feature in the following way:
    • If your estimation is configured for T-shirt size, points, or team weeks, select the estimate for each feature directly from the list.
    • If your estimation is configured for WSJF:
      1. Click the WSJF icon next to a feature.
      2. Set Business Value, Time Value, RR/OE Value, and Job Size for each feature.
      3. Click View Calculations and Save, and then click Apply rank to Global Ranking (note that rank is applied to global rank only). 
  6. From the MMF drop-down menu, select if the feature is a minimal marketable feature.

Note: For more information on WSJF, see the Estimation Methods Overview article. You can set the WSJF estimate along with the estimate in another system, if your administrator turns on the Use WSJF With Other Estimation Techniques option under Administration > Settings > Platform > Portfolio.

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