Release Notes for 10.32


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New Enhancements

Work Tree

Work Tree Performance

Updated the work Tree with None release selected to load only program information and not to load all work item data. Work item data loads when expanding the program.


Roadmaps Performance

Optimized roadmap performance for larger data sets and less powerful computers. These changes decreased page load times in the range of 20-60% across various record counts.


Program Room Performance

Improved Program Room page load times and support for large record sets.

General Performance

Made global changes to optimize page load times.


The pull rank functionality was not functioning as expected. Ranks now adjust correctly. We also fixed a few edge cases where work items would render even if they weren’t associated with the selected program or program increment.

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Defect Areas Fixes

Work Tree

  • Fixed an issue with the theme group view that was filtered to a theme group that the user has just edited. Now, after a theme group is edited, the list of items is not changed automatically.


  • Fixed convert functionality for capabilities in brainstorming. Now, the user is able to convert brainstorming cards to capabilities.
  • Updated the brainstorming module to allow users to create relationships using capabilities.
  • Updated the brainstorming module to show warning about duplicate name only if an item with the same name already exists in the system.

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  • Updated messaging in the feature backlog. Now, users that are not a part of a program team will see ‘User will be unable to rank work items, because they do not belong to the selected Program Team.
  • The story backlog filter displayed Owner instead of Assignee. The label was changed to Owner to be consistent with what is displayed in the story slide-out.


  • Fixed an issue with the story audit log not capturing story release change to Select one.
  • Updated long story descriptions to wrap to rows on Print Story details to be fully visible and not to overlap other data.


  • Fixed an issue where, in the feature slide-out, if the start date was changed before clicking save, users were not able to set the start/initiation date to be after the original target completion date but before the new target completion date.
  • Added Not set as an option to Type dropdown for features. Now, when creating features, this type is selected by default. The Jira Connector will still push features with business type.


  • Capabilities copy now brings over state, MVP, and acceptance criteria.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue with story impediments not affecting feature quick view on the program board. Now, when an open impediment is assigned to story and the story is assigned to a feature, the story ID will be highlighted in red on the feature quick edit.

Kanban Boards

  • When switching from one custom Kanban board to another, any filters that were applied to the previous Kanban board are now reset.
  • In custom Kanban boards, the column menu can be opened even if the WIP limit is being displayed. The WIP limit for each column can be seen by hovering over that column’s menu.
  • The custom Kanban macro view now shows column names if they have been set by the user.
  • Addressed wrapping issues in the custom Kanban cards that caused for dates to overflow to two lines instead of wrapping.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented stories that were in a custom Kanban board from being deleted.
  • Added scroll to Move to list on Kanban board. This will be especially useful for teams that have Kanban boards with large amounts of swimlanes and columns.


  • Addressed an issue with grid filtering. Now, when applying filter by owner and the owner last name contains an apostrophe, grid is filtered to only items that are owned by that user.
  • Before, when opening a parent work item edit panel, then accessing the child edit panel from parent and clicking on Contained in link, nothing was happening. We fixed this and now users are able to access parent item that was already opened before.
  • If a work item link is clicked within a slide-out card for a previously opened slide-out card item that is in the background, the work item slide out will now be opened. Previously, slide-outs for work items already in the background would not open.
  • Updated tagging list in chat not to show deactivated users.
  • Addressed an issue with the TFS/Azure DEvOps integration that caused for duplicate issues to be created if an item was sent to the recycle bin and the Duplicate status did not exist in TFS/Azure DEvOps.
  • Updated the Releases list on theme editing to show only releases that are mapped to programs selected.
  • Fixed an issue with terms in Requirement hierarchy not tied to platform terminology. Now when using custom terminology, it’s reflected in the requirement hierarchy dialog.


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