Release Notes for 10.23


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Note: Beginning with version 10.23, the release schedule for new versions of AgileCraft has changed. New versions of AgileCraft will be deployed to SaaS test instances prior to deployment in production instances. Version 10.23 will be deployed to test instances on June 29, 2018 and to production instances on July 13, 2018.

New Enhancements  

Work Codes 

Work Codes can be used to capture IDs from an external financial system for epics and features. This allows users to reconcile data from two systems. Work Codes are now included in imports and exports. 

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Progress by Objective 

We have redesigned the Objectives Planned Vs. Actual view to make it more informative and better structured. Now Objectives are grouped by Level to expandable sections. This will improve performance and will allow users to view only relevant information. In addition, we introduced two new columns: Owner and Status.

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Defect Areas Fixes


  • Addressed an issue that caused for the velocity and load in the feature backlog to be inaccurate when a feature was moved to another program increment. 


  • Program dependencies now appear in the Dependency Wheel view.
  • Addressed a problem that caused for teams that were moved to a different program to show in the Dependency drop-down menu for their previous program.
  • On the Dependency slide-out panel, adjusted warnings so that if a team in another program increment is added, the system warnings only appear when the team is selected.
  • Addressed a problem that prevented users from searching for a new work item to associate with a dependency on the Dependency slide-out panel.
  • Addressed a problem where if users sorted by a column in the Dependencies To Do view, they would be returned to the Your Requests view.
  • Fixed an issue where external dependencies would not appear in Team Room, Program Room, or Program Board.


  • If epics are moved to In Progress and back to Not Started, the In Progress date used in exports and reports for the epic is reset. 


  • Removed Notes as an option on the Feature slide-out panel config, since this option only applies to the Feature grid.  


  • Corrected an issue on the Ideation Manage Backlog page that caused the slide-out panel to remain open after it was closed.


  • Changed the Objective Type label from Waterfall Milestone to Roadmap Milestone to better explain the purpose for that objective type. 
  • Progress by Objectives report now includes portfolio objectives in the Program Increment Objective chart.
  • Team(s) is now an optional field for program objectives.
  • Objective Export now includes portfolio and solution milestones. Previously, these two objective types were excluded due to a defect.

Program Board 

  • Changed the format of the Target Sprint on the Feature Quick View slide-out panel on the Program Board to be a drop-down menu instead of a clickable box.
  • Program Board features now filter by all feature types, including Architectural and Non Functional. 
  • Addressed a problem that caused for team names to be truncated when the team name contained the character "_".  


  • Addressed a problem in the Risks grid that prevented the Columns Shown dialog box from displaying.

Sprint Coaching Report

  • Added informational scroll over on hours in the Sprint Coaching Report that indicates that it is a sum of Development and QA task hours. 

Status Reports 

  • The last used settings for Extra Configs in Status Reports are now remembered across sessions.  

Team Room

  • Dashboard view for Team Room now shows only team-level objectives associated with the selected team and selected sprint. 


  • Fixed inability to enter spaces or any other special character in the External ID field on the Edit User page.
  • Changed the filter display for Start Date and Finish Date from "<=" and ">=" to "<" and ">" respectively to accurately describe their functionality.
  • On the Administration Roles page, changed the text for program teams and portfolio teams to be more descriptive. Enabling the toggle will allow users to have a read-only view to those teams. To be able to edit, the Programs or Portfolio toggles need to be enabled in the Administration section of the Roles setup.
  • Addressed an issue in the Program Increment Progress report that caused it to display capabilities in the Epic Drilldown report instead of epics when capabilities are enabled.
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