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The 10.126.1 maintenance release was deployed to environments on the continuous release track on November 3, 2023. Maintenance releases contain high-priority defect fixes and fixes for any features deployed in version 10.126.X.

Enhancements and features

Improvements to prevent "hanging" pages

Recently, we made some changes in Jira Align to process more information at once. While designed to reduce processing time at the UI level, the updates also resulted in an increase in AJAX requests. Because Microsoft IIS limits the number of requests for each process, this sometimes resulted in pages that wouldn't load, or "hanging" pages.

To reduce "hanging" pages, we've modified the hardware per cluster and improved monitoring and alerting. We're also working on recommendations for our on-premise customers to improve their setup.

Defect fixes

Key Summary
JIRAALIGN-5000 500 error - Blank page is displayed when clicked Add Action in Objective
JIRAALIGN-5017 Unable to import themes if the number of programs exceeds 24
JIRAALIGN-5188 New nav - Solution menu is showing for all users
JIRAALIGN-5227 New Nav Custom Room -> Roadmap - Filter by Portfolio, Solution, Program, Team
JIRAALIGN-5280 New Nav: Super Admin without Product permission can see Products and receive a login prompt
JIRAALIGN-5281 New Nav: Product Room link not showing in side-menu if permission toggle is off (Rooms should be always on in new nav)
JIRAALIGN-5965 Assigning a Jira custom field in Field management tab shows an error for any field I select in dropdown
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