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The 10.118.2 maintenance release was deployed to environments on the continuous release track and environments on the bundled release track on March 24, 2023. Maintenance releases contain high-priority defect fixes and fixes for any features deployed in version 10.118.X.

Defect Fixes

Key Summary
JIRAALIGN-4800 The filters in Jira Management are not appearing and the add board button is not working


Additional Fixes

Support for Jira Software epic field changes

We've updated Jira Align to support Jira Software Cloud's planned changes to epic fields in company-managed projects. See the Upcoming changes to support a new Jira Software epic field article for full details. 

Key info:

  • Jira Software expects to begin rolling out these changes to cloud sites on March 27, 2023. Sites will be updated progressively; you may not see the changes in Jira immediately. 
  • If you don't plan on removing the Epic Name field from your Jira Software issue screens, no action is required in Jira Align.
  • If you remove the Epic Name field from Jira Software issue screens after Jira's updates are complete, you will need to remove the Jira Epic Name mapping found at Admin > Jira Settings > Jira Setup.

Incorrect category prefixes for ideas

While resolving JIRAALIGN-4647, we discovered that ideas created through the UI in ideation portals were incorrectly displaying "ER-" at the beginning of featureName API fields, regardless of the selection made in an idea's Category field. Now, all ideas created through the UI will display the correct prefix in the featureName API field, matched to the category selection. 

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