Upcoming changes to support a new Jira Software epic field

Later this month, Jira Software Cloud will begin rolling out changes to epic fields in company-managed projects. Review Jira's Upcoming changes to epic fields in company-managed projects for more details.

If your Jira Align instance is currently connected to one or more Jira Software Cloud projects, you will see the following changes as of Tuesday, March 21:

  1. On the Admin > Jira Settings > Jira Setup connector settings page, the Feature name custom field custom field mapping will be renamed to Jira epic name custom field and will be made optional. Existing mappings will not be removed.
  2. Inside of Details panels for Jira Align features, the Summary field will be renamed to Jira Epic Name and will be made optional.
  3. The Jira connector will begin syncing the Summary field of Jira Software epics with the Title field of Jira Align features. The connector will also begin syncing the Epic Name field of Jira Software epics with the Jira Epic Name field of Jira Align features.



  • These changes will be made outside our normal release practices. You will not see your version change in Jira Align environments on both the bundled and continuous release tracks.
  • After these changes are released, the Jira connector will not automatically resync all items, only those that are recently created or updated. You can trigger a custom sync from Jira to Jira Align to ensure consistency.
  • If your Jira Align instance is only connected to Jira Software Data Center projects, you will not see these changes. We will release updates to those environments at a later time.

What you need to do to prepare 

Wait for Jira Align version 10.118.2 before removing Epic Name

Important! In the 10.118.2 release, which will deploy on March 24, 2023, we’re including additional changes that will allow you to remove the Epic Name field from your Jira Software issue screens without any connector sync issues. Please wait until then to remove the field from your screens.

Move field values in Jira Software

Per the article from our Jira Software Cloud team, if you’d like to move your Epic Name field values to your epics' Summary fields, you can do so by:

  1. Exporting your values to CSV.
  2. Updating the Epic Name and Issue Summary values in Excel or Google Sheets.
  3. Importing this data back into Jira Software.

Note: If you’re updating your issue summaries, keep in mind that the names displayed on the board and backlog have a max limit of 19 characters – longer names will be truncated.

For more detailed information on how to export and import your epic field values, see: Import and export your data to and from Jira Cloud | Atlassian Support

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