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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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In version 10.119.0, we’ll be removing the pages and settings that make up the Time Tracking module inside of Jira Align. Note: Due to the cancelation of version 10.119.0, this removal will take place in version 10.119.1. 

The Time Tracking module was accessible through a paid entitlement that has not been offered for purchase for two years. After careful evaluation, we’ve determined the existing module no longer aligns with our vision for the future. If you’re looking for a time-based tracking solution with Jira Align, we recommend checking out our integration with Tempo Timesheets.

By removing these features and streamlining our codebase, we’ll have more capacity to address defect fixes across the product. These changes will also reduce our testing overhead, which will allow us to build and ship enhancements more rapidly.

Functions that will be removed include time projects, timesheets, and all reports enabled through Time Tracking. For more details, see our Time sheets/tracking and Time administration sections. 

If you have used Time Tracking functionality in the past and would like to make a record of your entries, please visit these pages prior to version 10.119.X to capture your data. You can use one of the many reports, such as the Timesheet Export report, to export your data in .xls format.

Note: Work codes, which are financial fields that can be associated with epics and features, will continue to be available. The Time Tracking module is not required to create and use work codes. You can manage work codes from the Admin > Time Tracking settings page. In a future release, we will update the settings page to remove references to time tracking.


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