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Open a theme's slide-out details panel where you can view the following additional options:

  • Subscribe: Subscribe to a theme to receive email notifications about any changes made to it.
  • Risks: View risks associated with this theme. Risks are influencing factors that can adversely affect the outcome of your delivery. Tracking these risks helps improve team visibility and drive mitigation. 
  • Investment vs. Actuals: With the Investment vs. Actuals report, you can view the program increment allocation and the actual spend per theme in one report.
  • Multi-Dimension Allocations: The Investment Report provides a rough indicator of how the current backlog for a Program Increment breaks down across traditional investment types.
  • Add Epic To Theme: You can create an epic and associate it with the selected theme to build the work item hierarchy.
  • Audit Log: A history of the updates made to a theme by date.
  • Total Budget: The total planned budget for a theme and total planned budget for each epic associated with the theme. Use this to compare the two budgets to see if you met your initial plans and expectations.
  • Requirement Hierarchy: In the requirement hierarchy tree, you can view epics and their child features associated with this theme.
  • Links: Any external links you want to associate with a theme. You can add design, approval, compliance, or other types of links.
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