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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.111

Enhancements and Features

These features for 10.111 were released to environments on the continuous release track on August 26, 2022, in version 10.111.0. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on September 9, 2022, in version 10.111.2:

Upcoming removal of Awards page

In version 10.112.0, we’ll be removing the Awards / Shout-Outs functionality from Jira Align. Awards is a seldom-used feature that allows you to create custom badges and point values that display on a recipient’s profile page.

After reviewing recent usage data, it became clear that this functionality was not providing significant value. By removing this feature and streamlining our codebase, we’ll have more capacity to address defect fixes across the product. These changes will also reduce our testing overhead, which will allow us to build and ship enhancements more rapidly.


Pages that will be removed include:

Note: For a short time, you may still see references to previously-granted awards on a user’s profile page.

If you have used the Awards / Shout-Outs functionality in the past and would like to make a record of those entries, please visit these pages prior to version 10.112.0 to capture your data. You can use screenshots to make a record of past awards to input into another system. From the Shout-Out Awards list page, you can right-click on an award icon and select Save Image As to download a copy of the graphic. The default images provided by Jira Align will download as a .svg vector graphics file. Any images you’ve uploaded for use as a badge will download in their original format: .gif, .jpeg/.jpg, .png, or .bmp.

Removal of invalid data from tables
As previously reported in hotfix, we resolved an issue where the Jira Software connector was causing some team member database tables to fill with null values. As part of the deployment of version 10.111.0, we ran a script that deleted these invalid entries from Jira Align instances.

Work Tree: New setting to include misaligned child items in calculation dials

We’ve added a new setting to the Work Tree page to better account for child work items that aren’t planned for the same PI specified in the Configuration bar. Switch on the Include all contributing work option inside of the Extra Configs menu of the page in order to include child items in story progress bars and the calculation dials at the top of the page.

This setting is not available when the Narrow to Program and Program Increment setting is switched on.

Improvement to feature Details panels - Program Increment field

To create a more consistent and usable experience when working with a long list of options, we’ve updated the Program Increments field inside of feature Details panels. The new experience allows you to search for a specific option instead of scrolling through a long alphabetical list.


Associate read-only work items with objectives

We’ve updated the abilities that users with read-only role permissions have when associating objectives with other work items inside of Details panels.

From an objective’s Details panel, users with read-only permissions for that level of objective will be able to associate an existing work item and create new work items, as long as they have add and save permissions enabled for that work item. If the user has read-only permissions for the work item, they will only be able to associate existing work items with the objective.

From a work item’s Details panel, a user with read-only permissions for that work item will be able to associate an existing objective and create new objectives, as long as they have add and save permissions enabled for that level of objective. If the user has read-only permissions for the objective, they will only be able to associate existing objectives with the work item.

Selections made in the Manage Objective Mappings settings menu still apply to these abilities.

Objectives supported in searches

The search menu found at the top-right of Jira Align pages now returns search results for objectives! You can search for objectives by ID and title. You can also filter search results by selecting Objectives from the All Work Items dropdown menu found at the top of the search results window.


Defect Fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-660 Work Item Parent Association: We need this field on work consistently across the application. So search by name, some by name and ID, and others by Ext 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3015 Key Results: Editing a key result will trim it to 100 chars for goals/objectives key results 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3166 Epic Backlog: Filtering on PI has no impact to total Story Points for an Epic 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3183 Feature Backlog - Column headers not updated to reflect Platform Terminology > Date Labels 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3383 Program Board Showing Incorrectly Objectives in Red 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3389 Creating an item from the "Create" button dropdown in the top navigation on the Roadmaps view changes the button name and icon. 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3506 Roadmap : Roadmap Settings : Group By Property - Product shows for Epic view 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3571 Objective Filtering Clears After Saving 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3618 Roadmaps : When team is selected at Tier1 config bar, its corresponding features are hidden and the user is unable to expand its parent epic 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3861 Roadmap group by objectives does not work for themes 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3987 Not able to Expand Epics in Roadmap with a high number of Features and/or Stories 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4138 Import- In Epics, Removing column "Release" removes the data from the updated epic 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4189 Capability Screen - Primary Program field do not text overflow 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4194 Program Room: Objective widget doesn't open objectives without a Target Sync Sprint 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4206 Updating user via Import does not allow External ID to be nulled out 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4209 Epic Roadmaps visualization bars pop out and float over other columns when Epic details panel Spend tab is selected 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4225 Import : FileTransferHandler silently throws an HTTP 400 when importing .xml files 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4235 Feature: associating a Feature that has a Theme to an Epic, will leave traces of the older Theme on the Feature 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4236 Adding Feature to Capability does not create entry in audit log 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4239 Dependency page ignores T1 configuration when logged in via non Super Admin roles 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4248 Is MMF toggle for stories is not working as expected 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4289 BackLog - Sorting by rank is bringing work items to the parking lot 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4296 Description in Epic Status Report not rendering rich text 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4299 API: PATCH on customfields without the array id overwrite all the fields 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-4325 Objective Tree: key results are not displayed under Objectives 10.111.0
JIRAALIGN-3953 Backlog: intermittent timeouts/log outs when using backlog 10.111.1
JIRAALIGN-4333 Mass Move doesn't update the audit log for the PI change 10.111.2
JIRAALIGN-4350 Ideation: External Ideation users cannot view ideas 10.111.2
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