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Due to the nature of continuous software development, some changes are applied to environments outside of our normal release schedule. In order to urgently remedy a reported issue, the following changes will be added to version via a hotfix, which will be deployed to environments on the bundled release track on the evening of Monday, August 1st. These changes will then be deployed to environments on the continuous release track on Friday, August 5th, in version 10.110.1.

Enhancements and features

Jira Connector: Product mapping settings

To improve the performance of the Manage Custom Fields menu accessed from Admin > Jira Settings > Manage Projects, we've created a new settings window specifically for mapping products. The new settings window can be accessed by selecting the Configure link next to the Feature Product field listed at Admin > Jira Settings > Jira Setup > Custom Fields. This change was delivered to environments on the continuous release track in version 10.110.0

In version, we added further enhancements to the Jira Product mappings window to support large sets of mappings. You may now search for a specific mapping using the Search product mappings field, as well as use the pagination controls at the bottom of the window to quickly scan through pages of 10 entries at a time. 


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