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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in version 10.127.1.
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The following pages and functionality have been removed from Jira Align.

As of the 10.112.0 release:

  • Awards / Shoutouts

As of the 10.118.0 release:

  • Blogs
  • Communities of Practice
  • Feeds
  • Forums
  • Newsletters
  • Trello connector settings and functionality
  • Rational connector settings and functionality

As of the 10.119.0 release:

  • Time Tracking functionality

As of the 10.121.0 release:

  • Build Status By Sprint
  • Connections
  • Escalation Report 
  • Enhancement by Owner 
  • Enhancement by Age 

As of the 10.121.3 release:

  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Builds
  • Build Streams
  • Fixes
  • Last Build Status per Release
  • PI Test Plan
  • Sprint Plans
  • Test Cases
  • Test Environments
  • Test Folders
  • Test Plans
  • Test Sets
  • Test Suites
  • Testing Board
  • Testing Room

As of the 10.123.0 release:

  • Budgetary Tracking
  • Simulation Forecast
  • Automation Trend (Stories)
  • Automation Trend (Acceptance)
  • Override Events
  • Scorecards and Scorecard Details
  • Sprint Defect Trend
  • Rate of New Cards Added
  • TP to WIP Ratio
  • Enterprise Balanced Scorecard
  • Measures
  • KPIs
  • Group KPIs
  • Individual KPIs
  • Find Fix Rate
  • Today's Plan
  • WIP Limit Infractions
  • QA Availability
  • ScrumBan
  • Defects By Priority
  • Defects By Story

Why were these pages removed?

After reviewing recent usage data, it became clear that these pages were not being utilized, nor providing significant value to our users. By removing these features and streamlining our codebase, we’ll have more capacity to address defect fixes across the product. These changes will also reduce our testing overhead, which will allow us to build and ship enhancements more rapidly.

Do I need to make any changes?

If you’ve saved these pages in your Favorites menu, found in the sidebar navigation, you will need to manually remove them. Keeping the entries in your Favorites menu will not negatively affect your ability to navigate, but the links will no longer work.

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We also recommend working with your organization’s Center of Excellence, Agile Operations, and/or Jira Align administration teams to ensure any internal bookmarks, links, references inside of wikis, etc are updated to remove direct links to these pages.

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