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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.102.

Enhancements and Features

These features for 10.102 were released to environments on the continuous release track on November 5, 2021, in version 10.102.0. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on November 19, 2021, in version 10.102.2.

Updates to the Jira Align Release Calendar

To account for the upcoming winter holidays, the following changes have been made to our Release Calendar:

  • Version 10.102.3, originally scheduled for November 26, 2021, will not be released.
    • Version 10.103.0 will be the next release, occurring on December 3, 2021. 
  • Version 10.103.2 will be released to On-Premise environments early, on December 17, 2021.
  • Version 10.103.3, originally scheduled for December 24, 2021, will not be released. 
  • Version 10.104.0 will be released on January 7, 2022.
    • No release will occur on December 31, 2021.

Performance improvements: Side navigation menu

We've made significant performance improvements to the main navigation menu that displays on the left side of Jira Align. Instead of reloading data every time the navigation menu is accessed, the menu is now cached the first time you use it after logging in. This will result in much faster rendering and loading times. 

We will monitor the impact of this change after release to ensure response times have improved, and continue to evaluate further performance enhancements to the platform.

Solution Teams are now Process Flow Teams

To better differentiate between solutions and teams that support a process flow, the existing team type, Solution Team, has been renamed as Process Flow Team. This change has no impact on permissions or functionality in Jira Align.

System Role changes now tracked in logs

To help admins track changes made to permissions within system roles, we've added entries to the Activity Log page located at Administration > Logs > Changes. There, you can find permissions that have been added or removed from a specific role, the user who performed the change, and the time the change was made.


Note: These logs do not currently track the creation or deletion of a system role. 

Team Room chart naming update

To provide better clarity and consistency across pages in Jira Align, we've updated a label name in the Sprint Status chart, accessed from the top of the Team Room. The Planned Velocity value has been changed to Committed Velocity, to better indicate this value is taken before the start date of the sprint.

Removal of legacy functions on Status Reports

As previously reported, while investigating defects related to the Status Reports page, we uncovered some legacy functionality that no longer operates correctly. The following options have been removed:

  • The Group by [Goal name] button found in the Extra Configs menu of a status report
  • User profile bubble images that display on cards when viewing a status report for a portfolio or program

Defect Fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-500 Status Reports: Group By Strategy Goal Level 1 has no effect on Status Reporting 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-1832 Status Reports: Program and Portfolio cards are not showing proper Users data 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-2328 User data pull: Does not update user information in JA 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3291 Features: Copying Features (Jira Epics) deletes the tags 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3405 ADO Connector: Sprint naming concatenates without a space - decreases readability 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3487 Jira Connector: The update Jira user email does not reflect in Align 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3559 API 2.0: 'jiraProjectKey' in ReleaseVehicles DTO is not the Jira Project ID 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3560 Investment vs Spend report: Missing and inconsistent elements are shown in graph 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3569 Jira Connector: during a Feature split, the tags are removed from the second feature 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3570 Jira Connector: when a Feature is created on JA thru the sync from Jira, Business Driver & Feature Category are created with default values 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3587 Whoops error: error.asp page allows for user-supplied input 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3602 Dependencies: Selecting drop-down against Depends on Teams filter does not show all required teams 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3622 Reports: When solution layer is selected on the Configuration bar, the Points Planned vs Points Accepted report doesn't render 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3623 API 2.0: Discrepancy in the handling of the ownerID in the API 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3632 Time Tracking: Exporting data using the Time Submission Metrics displays error 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3649 API 2.0: update for Epics is not allowed if you have more than one step flow associated with one state 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3652 Themes: Saving a Theme produces an error 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3674 API 2.0: When using the "expand=true" flag for capabilities, only the first referenced object in array is returned. 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3679 Dependencies: Removing fields in Details Panels Settings breaks the look of the sliding panel. 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3686 Features: when trying to Cancel a Feature, an error is thrown if the user don't have permission to Delete 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3718 Program increments: Error is displayed when accessing the Details page. 10.102.0
JIRAALIGN-3659 Attachments: All Attachments are deleted after removing one from a work item 10.102.1
JIRAALIGN-3759 Enterprise Insights: The Defect Attachment table and Risk Attachment table are empty 10.102.1
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