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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.100. Please note that the 10.100.0 feature release was not deployed, as our developers worked to resolve critical defects found in the build. As a result, the feature release for 10.100 is version 10.100.1.

Environments on the continuous release track will remain on version 10.99.3 until September 17, 2021, when we plan to deploy version 10.100.1. 

Enhancements and Features

These features for 10.100 were released to environments on the continuous release track on September 17, 2021, in version 10.100.1. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on September 24, 2021, in version 10.00.2.

Objective status name changes

We've changed the names of three existing objective statuses so that they better align with statuses in Team Central:

  • Not Started has been renamed to Pending
  • Deferred has been renamed to Paused
  • Done has been renamed to Completed

New objective statuses

We’ve added three new statuses to objective tracking in Jira Align. These statuses provide more nuance to the status of objectives than our current option (In Progress) allows. The new statuses are:

  • On Track: Indicates that an objective is likely to reach its desired outcomes.

  • At Risk: Indicates that an objective has uncertainty around reaching its desired outcomes. For example, work needed to complete the objective may be behind schedule, or risks might pose a future threat to completion.

  • Off Track: Indicates that an objective is unlikely to reach its desired outcomes if action is not taken.

The new statuses are now available in the Jira Align UI, and will not change any existing status values. API users should also note that the status endpoint will include the new statuses, and no statuses will be removed or changed for this release.

We strongly recommend that you review your in-progress objectives and update any objectives that are at risk or off track, as the In Progress status on objectives will be migrated to On Track in a future release.

Improved loading behavior on Capability Backlog

As part of resolving JIRAALIGN-1730 and other related issues, we’ve improved the performance of the Capability Backlog page when using the Kanban > State View display. These improvements allow organizations to use backlogs that contain large amounts of capabilities, without encountering freezing or lagging behavior.

Columns inside the view now load 20 cards at a time while scrolling, similar to other backlog views. You can see how many total capabilities are in a column using the numbered icon at the top.

Click to play animation

When you move a capability to another column, the card will initially display at the top. This ensures the card is not lost in a large list after a move. We’ve added a warning message to the top of the page that clarifies this behavior.


After refreshing the page, the newly-moved card will be ranked according to the ranking chosen via your Configuration bar. We plan on bringing these performance improvements to other work items that use the Kanban > State View option in the future.

Additionally, we also updated the Move Program Increment menu options that display after right-clicking on a card. Now, the list of available program increments will be aligned with the choices available from the capability’s Details panel.


Retirement of Kano fields and reports

We’ve removed three legacy fields from capabilities and epics to better streamline filed choices and due to low usage. The following fields are no longer available on epic and capability Details panels and pages:

  • Kano Category

  • Kano Certainty

  • Kano Complexity

Additionally, three seldom-used reports focused on these fields were also removed:

  • Velocity by Certainty

  • Velocity by Complexity

  • Epic Analytics

API 2.0 access for all

By default, all instances now have access to API 2.0. Prior to this update, new instances would need to contact our support team to enable access. Also, the Enable API Token Access setting found at Administration > Platform > Security has been removed, and all users now have the ability to generate API 2.0 tokens from their user profiles.

Important: API 2.0 changes (previously mentioned in 10.99 release notes)

In an effort to match property names with the Align UI and standardize property naming conventions, we changed the properties listed below. We understand that these changes impact existing integrations, but believe the changes will significantly improve the usability of the API. We’re delivering all necessary changes to an object in a single release (e.g. all changes to the Epic API will be in this release), and we expect to complete the work for all objects within the next two to three releases.


  • isParent changed to isSolution
  • categoryId changed to intakeFormId
  • customFieldSetId changed to caseDevelopmentId
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • organizationId changed to divisionId
  • categoryId changed to intakeFormId
  • customFieldSetId changed to caseDevelopmentId
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • parentCompany was removed
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • external changed to isExternal
  • public changed to isPublic
  • lastUpdatedDate was added

Milestones / Objectives

  • blocked changed to isBlocked
  • targetDate changed to targetCompletionDate
  • startDate changed to startInitiationDate
  • estimateDate changed to portfolioAskDate
  • yearlyGoal changed to goalId

Key Results

  • createdDate changed to createDate
  • owner changed to ownerId
  • scoreOveridden changed to isScoreOveridden, data types changed from boolean to integer
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • createdDate changed to createDate
  • organizationId changed to divisionId
  • lastUpdatedDate was added

Warning icon and message when splitting synced stories

When investigating reports of tasks not being moved correctly after splitting a story, we discovered that the API that enables the Jira connector does not currently support the reassignment of sub-tasks. To clarify this limitation, we’ve added a warning icon and message to the split story panel when a story synced to Jira is detected.


After splitting a synced story in Jira Align, you can log into your Jira project and move the desired sub-tasks to the new split story to complete this action. If you’d like Jira development to consider supporting these changes through the connector in the future, please add your votes to the existing feature requests for cloud and server.

Sprint Metrics performance improvements

While investigating a related defect, we were able to identify opportunities to improve the performance of the Sprint Metrics report. We’ve implemented those changes, and load times when accessing the report have been reduced significantly. Also, we were able to add logic that will cause the page to display a timeout error if the report cannot render data, instead of appearing to indefinitely load. We plan to work on more improvements to the report’s performance in the future. If you encounter a timeout error when accessing the page, please open a support request so that we can look into the cause.

Defect Fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-688 Cannot assign flag icon to a region using UI 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-1316 User Time Outs should take users to the Sign Out URL configured under Jira Align Admin > Platform > Security 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-1598 Jira Align Feature Title update has no effect for Next Gen Jira project 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-1730 Backlog: page becomes unresponsive when loading ~2000 capabilities 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-1806 Jira Connector: Splitting Stories Doesn't Doesn't Sync Task 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-2717 Jira Connector: JQL create/updated time does not increment 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-3303 Sprint Metrics Report: green checkmark calculations are wrong in the Sprint Completion section 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-3356 Work Tree: when altering Tier 1 selection, an error is thrown 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-3445 Checklist: change security options has impact on any user with checklist open 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-3503 Details Panels Settings doesn't display the Save button 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-3521 Objective Still linked to Program Even After Deletion 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-3550 API 2.0: Unable to send the PATCH request after a Program was deleted from the Solution Objective 10.100.1
JIRAALIGN-3575 API 2.0: Seeing inconsistent behavior between API and GUI when adding additional Programs to an Epic. 10.100.2
JIRAALIGN-3645 Program Increment Progress: Error is thrown when accessing page 10.100.3
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