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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.99. Please note that the 10.99.0 feature release was not deployed, as our developers worked to resolve critical defects found in the build. As a result, the feature release for 10.99 is version 10.99.1.

Environments on the continuous release track will remain on version 10.98.3 until August 20, 2021, when we plan to deploy version 10.99.1 to the continuous release track.

Enhancements and Features

These features for 10.99 were released to environments on the continuous release track on August 20, 2021, in version 10.99.1. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on August 27, 2021, in version 10.99.2:

Move child work items to the parking lot

To more easily align work items that are in the parking lot, we've added the option to push child work items along with their parents from the Epic and Capability backlogs.

 In the Epic backlog, when you move an epic to the parking lot, you can now choose to move all of its child capabilities and features to their respective parking lots at the same time.

Similarly, in the Capability backlog, when you move a capability to the parking lot, you can now choose to move all of its child features to the parking lot at the same time.


Updates to Process Flows

We’ve made a few updates to process flow fields:

  • Developmental Step was renamed to Process Step, and was moved underneath the State field on Details panels for themes, epics, capabilities, features, and stories.
  • Four previously disabled fields were removed:
    • Triggers
    • Inputs
    • Outputs
    • Includes

Updates to Planned vs Earned Velocity report

As part of correcting issues reported in JIRAALIGN-1307, we’ve made a few changes on the Planned vs Earned Velocity report to clarify how values are calculated:

  • Average team velocity label renamed to Past 5 sprints velocity.
  • Banner added to the top of the page, stating that velocity is calculated by looking at the 5 sprints prior to what is selected in the Sprint dropdown.


Disabling Team/Member Week Budget fields on epics and capabilities

To prepare for future retirement, we’ve disabled entry on the Estimation Budget fields inside of epics and capabilities.


These fields display as Team Week Budget or Member Week Budget in Details panels, depending on your portfolio settings.


Existing entries made in these fields will be retained until the fields are retired. We plan to retire and remove the fields in approximately three months.

Removal of multi-estimation fields from epics and features

On Details panels for epics and features, the legacy multi-estimation field has been removed. You may continue using the standard estimate fields found on the main tab of Details panels to estimate these work items.

Removal of Forecast modal from the Forecast page, accessed by clicking the highlighted PI Estimate/Allocated columns

To simplify the workflow for forecasting effort, we have removed the estimation modal from the forecast page. Now, forecasting effort can be done only from the Forecast tab on the work item or within the table of cells on the forecast page.

Announcement types and rich text support

New announcement types were added so that you can create one-time announcements (will only display once to each user) and ongoing announcements (will display until they expire). We also added a new rich text editor so text can be formatted, lists can be added, and external pages can be hyperlinked.

The modal shown on login will display the ongoing announcements at the top, followed by the one-time announcements. When a user clicks continue, the modal will be dismissed and the one-time announcement will not be shown to that user again.


The previous announcement types were removed as they were labels only - no functionality was tied to the different types.

When creating announcements, you’ll see an option to select one-time vs ongoing and the new rich text editor. Once created, you’ll see the announcements in the appropriate table with a type column. Instead of displaying the full text in the table, there is now a preview link to view the announcement.


New system role toggles to manage solution objectives

As part of a defect fix to allow the Solution Objectives option to display in the Configuration bar, we've added new system role permissions to add, save, and delete solution objectives. You can find the new toggles under Solution Manage > Solution Objectives.


Feature flag to hide global connector status mapping button

A feature flag was created to hide the red Update all Jira Projects button (see the screenshot below) on the State Mapping modal linked from the Manage Projects connector settings page. This button allows users to mass update all Jira project status mappings even if the projects are using different workflows, and was leading to inadvertent or incorrect updates. With the feature flag enabled, the button will be hidden and project mappings will need to be set up individually. To enable the feature, please reach out to your TAM or to the Support Team.


Changes to creating stories from templates

Previously, tasks in stories created from a template would be assigned the same External ID as the task from the original template). To resolve this issue, when creating a story from the template, we now do not copy the external IDs of the tasks.

We also changed the behavior of the modal when creating a story from a template. When a template is selected in the modal, we check if the template has a Jira project assigned. If it does, you’ll see this warning message on the modal:

"Jira project assignments on story templates do not copy to stories created from the template. To sync this story with Jira, assign a Jira project to the story manually."

View long requests in Jira change logs

We’ve made a couple of adjustments to the Jira API change logs (accessed from the Jira Settings page) to make viewing long requests easier so that you can analyze and understand what’s happening at a glance.

First, the details of each request were moved to the Request column for each separate request (row).


Whenever a request is over 200 characters long, the text is truncated. You can click on the text of the request to expand the cell and view the full request if needed. Copy functionality works well for that URL, so you can select and copy the full request, too.



Important: API 2.0 changes (previously mentioned in 10.98 release notes)

In an effort to match property names with the Align UI and standardize property naming conventions, we changed the properties listed below. We understand that these changes impact existing integrations, but believe the changes will significantly improve the usability of the API. We’re delivering all necessary changes to an object in a single release (e.g. all changes to the Epic API will be in this release), and we expect to complete the work for all objects within the next two to three releases.


  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • lastUpdatedDate was added
  • flag was removed
  • code was removed


  • lastModified changed to lastUpdatedDate
  • image was removed

Value Streams

  • lastUpdatedDate was added
  • active changed to isActive
  • changed to isActive
  • processSteps.hours changed to efficiencyHours


  • kanoComplexity was removed
  • kanoCertainty was removed
  • kanoCategory was removed

Important: API 2.0 changes planned in 10.100

To allow for more time to prepare for property changes, below are the planned changes for 10.100:


  • isParent changed to isSolution
  • categoryId changed to intakeFormId
  • customFieldSetId changed to caseDevelopmentId
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • organizationId changed to divisionId
  • categoryId changed to intakeFormId
  • customFieldSetId changed to caseDevelopmentId
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • parentCompany was removed
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • external changed to isExternal
  • public changed to isPublic
  • lastUpdatedDate was added

Milestones / Objectives

  • blocked changed to isBlocked
  • targetDate changed to targetCompletionDate
  • startDate changed to startInitiationDate
  • estimateDate changed to portfolioAskDate
  • yearlyGoal changed to goalId

Key Results

  • createdDate changed to createDate
  • owner changed to ownerId
  • scoreOveridden changed to isScoreOveridden, data types changed from boolean to integer
  • lastUpdatedDate was added


  • createdDate changed to createDate
  • organizationId changed to divisionId
  • lastUpdatedDate was added

Defect Fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-3322 API 2.0 : Users : UserDTO schema does not flag all required fields 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3071 Backlog: Jira Align Epic and feature level ranking does not coincide with parent rank 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3355 UI & API: the std. category field is cleared for the Feature on UI but not nulled in the DB. 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-2982 Ranking: Pull Rank from Capabilities to Feature for Program not respecting Parking Lot 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-1082 Functional Area Admin Role Toggle: When all toggles are off the role should reflect as off & when all toggles are on the role should reflect as on 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-2931 Checklist: duplicate checklist appears on the checklist menu if it is shared with a member of same role 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-964 New Jira Align site deployment has Admin > Roles> Super Admin > Program > Specification misalignment 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-777 Scheduled Email delivers with 'time tracking' as header regardless of being related to time tracking 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3147 The full texts are not showing in Epic Status Report for Description and Fixed Date Milestones 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-2854 Stories created from a template doesn't sync tasks properly with Jira 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3064 Jira Settings: field Request under View logs has a limited size and cut part of longer URLs 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3100 Features: Message Inconsistency in Features slide-out, Stories section 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-1253 Portfolio room: Points>Open Text field estimation system is not supported. 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3045 Epic/Capability Backlog: Rank ID does not automatically update 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3339 Capability / Epic Backlog: Filtered out labels are still displaying 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3171 Epic Backlog: Duplicated items on Process Flow (Kanban) View 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3250 Jira Connector: Jira Project field should not default to 'No Sync' value and become inactive when user selects different PI in the integrated release vehicle 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3381 Updating a user via API using PUT or PATCH removes the profile picture 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3415 Sprint (iteration) - when changing begin Date and Finish Date, Error on Server message is generated 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-2117 API 2.0: Swagger renders cURL calls with double quotes, which don't work on Unix based command prompts 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-3002 Objectives: Cancelled and Done Objectives can be linked to work items and as parents 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-2992 Time Tracking: User still able to submit timesheets in a Time Tracking disabled Region 10.99.1
JIRAALIGN-1307 Planned vs Earned Velocity Report Is Showing The Same Report For All Sprints 10.99.1


"Solution Objective" is not visible in the side menu & search results 10.99.1
N/A New solution objectives toggles are not enabled by default and are affecting other objective permissions 10.99.2
N/A Work Tree > Theme Group View: Theme Groups do not display if a portfolio/solution/program is selected in the configuration bar and a PI is not selected in page filters 10.99.3
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