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Due to the nature of continuous software development, some changes are applied to a version after it has been released to production environments. In order to urgently remedy a reported issue, the following changes were added directly to version via a hotfix, which was deployed to all production environments on the evening of Friday, June 25th.

These changes will also be included in version 10.97.2, which will deploy to sandbox environments (formerly known as test instances) on Friday, July 2nd

Defect Fixes

Changes to the Unassigned Backlog user experience in the release of version 10.94 removed the ability to drag-and-drop or right-click to move work items into the backlog, which impacted some users' abilities to conduct PI Planning.

Specifically, the right-click option to move a work item into a PI was not working as expected when a PI and program/portfolio were selected in the Configuration bar. This issue has been resolved in the hotfix, and the following defects were closed as a result:

Key Summary
JIRAALIGN-3243 Capability Backlog: Not able to assign capabilities to PI from unassigned backlog on Solution Level
JIRAALIGN-3267 Backlog: Unassigned backlog small view with Portfolio in Configuration bar does not allow right-click move to PI for capabilities
JIRAALIGN-3269 Backlog: Right-click to move to PI should only show PI's that would be available for work item slide out selection of PI's
JIRAALIGN-3270 Backlog: Solution Layer Doesn't Allow Users The Ability To Select PI
JIRAALIGN-3273 Backlog: Unassigned backlog, small view with solution in Configuration bar, right-click move to PI is not proposing any PI's to move to
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