Release Notes for 10.95


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Enhancements and Features

API 2.0: Items in the recycle and cancel bins are not included in regular GET calls

Epics, capabilities, features, stories, and defects that are in the recycle or cancel bin are no longer included in regular GET calls. This addresses permission issues where users without access to the recycle or cancel bins were seeing items in API calls. This also means additional filtering is not needed when integrating with other systems or mass updating items. To see these items, you’ll need to filter using the isRecycled or isCanceled properties.

Removing Heat Map view from Kanban view (as a card size option)

In this release, we removed the Heat Map as a card size option from the Kanban views of the Backlog. We found that that this functionality wasn't commonly used and didn’t provide the intended amount of value.

However, there are still other areas in Jira Align that provide a more effective display of the same information. Going forward, to view work items by each state, displayed as small squares, with additional information on those items, we recommend using the Work in Progress by State report.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-1852 The label for the Escalations system role toggle does not display
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-3085 UserDTO: lastLoginDate displays as searchable & filterable
Customer Visits  
JIRAALIGN-3108 The Add Visit button does not display for non-Super Admin users, even when they have the proper system role permissions
Program Board  
JIRAALIGN-1415 On the Program Board's Quick View, users cannot set a team target completion sprint after adding a team
JIRAALIGN-2849 Selecting the Late Submissions report causes users to log out. This report was previously deprecated, so to resolve this issue, the option was removed from the Reports landing
JIRAALIGN-1601 The Epic by Program report does not include additional programs
Team Meetings  
JIRAALIGN-3110 In the Team of Teams meeting, users receive an error when attempting to add new objectives
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