Preparing for New Financial Calculations


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In anticipation of the new financial calculations coming to version 10.98, we want to ensure you're set up for success! As we all know, any calculation is only as good as its inputs. To ensure that Spend values in Jira Align are calculated as intended, follow the data hygiene checklist below to ensure that your data is up-to-date for the work items and program increments you hope to report on.

Note that because new financials introduce the concept of baselining historical data (so that calculations do not roll), we advise that all these steps are completed prior to the release of 10.98 on July 16, so that the first set of calculations you view are accurate.


  1. Check that your teams have the proper allocations:
    1. Allocations for agile team types are collected from the sprint allocations set on sprint Details panels.
    2. Allocations for kanban team types are collected from the general team allocations set on team Details panels.
  2. To automatically sync both scrum and kanban allocations for team members working in Jira, ensure that the Jira settings toggle Allow Jira to add users to team if they belong to an issue is switched on.

Story assignments

  1. For agile teams, check that accepted stories have effort points and are assigned to sprints. If any accepted stories are assigned to the unassigned backlog, they will not be included, as Spend per Point is associated with the sprint a story is accepted in.

Costing method

  1. Check your global and portfolio settings for which costing method will be used. This is the setting located at Admin > Platform > Portfolio > Costing Method. There, each portfolio can select whether to calculate spend values using rates from the cost center, or from the program increment's blended rate.
  2. For the costing method you choose, be sure there are corresponding values entered:
    1. When using cost center as the method, ensure that users are assigned properly to cost centers and that each cost center has an up-to-date resource rate. This can be done in Admin > Cost Centers.
    2. When using blended rate as the method, ensure that each program increment you want to report on has a blended rate entered in the PI's Details panel. 
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