Jira Align EI Enhancements and Features Version 10.93


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Jira Align's Enterprise Insights (EI) was updated and deployed to test instances running version 10.93 on May 3, 2021, and will be deployed to production instances on May 8, 2021. The following enhancements were made:

Release highlights

  • Program Increment Action added.
  • Tag List added to objectives.
  • Objective Parent and Portfolio foreign keys added to objective history.
  • Goal foreign key added to Theme Group for parent goals.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented release vehicles from being marked as deleted.

New tables

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Program Increment Action

Added object for team/program/portfolio actions associated with a program increment.

  • [Action Name] NVARCHAR(550) NULL
  • [Action Notes] NVARCHAR(2250) NULL
  • [Action Status] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Action Team Type] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Date Closed] DATETIME NULL
  • [Date Created] DATETIME NULL
  • [FK Portfolio ID] INT NULL
  • [FK Program ID] INT NULL
  • [FK Program Increment ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [FK User Owner ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [Program Increment Action ID] INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY


Updated tables

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Added Tag List.

  • [FK Tag List ID] INT NULL

Objective History

Added foreign keys for Parent Objective and Portfolio. Added Program List and Program Increment List multi-value columns.

  • [FK Objective Parent ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [FK Portfolio ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [Program Increment List] NVARCHAR(MAX) NULL
  • [Program List] NVARCHAR(MAX) NULL

Theme Group

Added Foreign Key for Parent Goal.

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