Release Notes for 10.94


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Enhancements and Features

Preparing for a new Jira Server & Data Center feature

To prepare for an exciting new feature coming to Jira Server & Data Center, we’re making several changes to the connector settings UI. First, on the Jira Settings page, the Jira issue type name is no longer required to set up bi-directional syncing. Only the issue type ID needs to be entered. The issue type name will still display but is for informational purposes only.


On the Custom Issue Types tab, instead of entering an issue type name, you’ll need to enter the issue type ID (the column header has been updated to prompt for the ID). Existing issue type mappings will be automatically updated to display the ID instead of the name.

Finally, a similar change was made to the link actions setup in the Manage Custom Fields settings panel. Instead of entering an issue type name, you’ll need to enter the issue type ID (the column header has been updated to prompt for the ID). Existing link actions will be automatically updated to display the ID instead of the name.

Changes to backlog ranking

To address an issue where the ranks of work items in the unassigned backlog weren’t consistent, we’ve made some changes to what you can see and do in the unassigned backlog. Now, when a program and a program increment are selected in the Configuration bar, we’ve disabled ranking work items inside the Feature, Capability, and Epic Backlogs' unassigned backlog small view. In this view, we’ve also disabled dragging and drop unassigned features into the program increment backlog on the left of the unassigned backlog.

To rank items in the unassigned backlog, we’ve added a message to the unassigned backlog small view. The link will take you into the Feature, Capability, or Epic Backlog, with only a program selected in the Configuration bar. From this backlog view, you can change the rank of all items, including unassigned items.


Objectives Tree enhancements

The list view of the Objectives Tree can now be filtered by the following attributes:

  • Status
  • Health
  • Target Completion
  • Owner

Additionally, you can choose the following fields to display as columns on the page:

  • Status
  • Health
  • Target Completion

Finally, the Work Progress column for objectives was changed to display the percentage of completed work items directly tied to the objective. For goals, it still displays the percentage of completed stories related to the goal.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-2685 The system roles permissions toggle, Additional Options > Permissions > Manage Progres Tracker does not control anything and should be removed
JIRAALIGN-2774 The Admin Logs page does not include entries for deleted epics when browsing, forcing users to filter by “was deleted” to see the entries
JIRAALIGN-1313 Results are inconsistent when attempting to rank items in unassigned backlogs
JIRAALIGN-2715 External ID fields displayed in Jira Align backlogs have line breaks when the ID contains several characters
JIRAALIGN-2811 Timeout errors display and no changes are made when attempting to create a new feature with a very large points estimate from a capability’s Details panel
JIRAALIGN-2993 / JIRAALIGN-3013 / JIRAALIGN-3017 Epics that are blocked are not available as options when attempting to create an epic filter on the Features or Capabilities grid pages
JIRAALIGN-2808 No results display when filtering by a theme and using the View by Capabilities option
JIRAALIGN-2903 The info message displayed when hovering over the warning icon found next to the Internal Contributors field in a new group’s Details panel is misaligned and not readable
Program Board  
JIRAALIGN-2674 When a sprint has a different type than its PI’s anchor sprint, the sprint is not selectable for target completion in the quick view of a feature
Program Increments  
JIRAALIGN-26745 Details panels for program increments that have a start date in the future show a count of remaining days until the PI’s end date, instead of a message stating the PI has not started
JIRAALIGN-810 Parenting a story to a feature that is in the unassigned backlog causes the story to lose its PI assignment
JIRAALIGN-1711 Deleting a work item does not remove its attachments from the database
JIRAALIGN-2995 Interactive images contain misaligned interactive section in Framework Maps when the interactive sections are associated with a persona
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