Release Notes for 10.92


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Enhancements and Features

** IMPORTANT ** API 2.0 changes to the Capability endpoint

We've made multiple updates to the Capability endpoint to improve usability:

  • Changed the following property names:
    • complexity renamed to kanoComplexity
    • certainty renamed to kanoCertainty
    • programId renamed toprimaryProgramId
  • Added the additionalProgramIds property
  • Deprecated the lastModifiedDate property. This is a field that should not have been included in the API and did not represent the date an item was last modified. Use the existing lastUpdatedDate property instead.

** IMPORTANT ** Use API 2.0 tokens for API 2.0

Currently, either the API 1.0 token or API 2.0 token can be used with API 2.0. In an upcoming release, we'll be removing support for API 1.0 tokens. This will not only improve the performance of the API, but allows us to introduce enhanced security logging, enabling you to monitor who is using the API 2.0, and whether authentication attempts are successful or not.  

API 2.0 now supports Ideas

We've added the ability to create and update items in the Ideas API, supporting POST, PUT, and PATCH commands

Program Room card enhancements

We've introduced three quick updates to cards displayed in the Program Room, to make it easier to navigate to related info and see work item totals:

  • Added a View report link to the Progress card. Click the link to navigate to the Program Increment Progress report.
  • Added an "X of X items are complete" message to the bottom of the Dependencies and Objectives cards

Defect Fixes

API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2926 Issuing a PATCH call towards /align/api/2/Users/<id> results in a HTTP 400 bad request error
JIRAALIGN-2950 Changes made to themes in Jira Align do not cause the lastModifiedDate attribute to update when queried through the API
JIRAALIGN-2179 The Feature Backlog page displays a server error when accessing the Kanban > Process Step view with an active program increment selected in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-2829 Filtering by Title on the Themes Backlog page does not display child work items
JIRAALIGN-2800 The North Star column on the Forecast page does not update if custom platform terminology settings are updated
JIRAALIGN-2853 Inactive teams are displayed when using the Agile by Team view
JIRAALIGN-2796 The Theme column on the Objectives grid page does not update if custom platform terminology settings are updated
JIRAALIGN-2948 Negative values cannot be saved when performing a check-in for a key result
JIRAALIGN-2960 The Delete link does not display on an objective’s Details panel after a user is granted the proper system role permissions for deletion
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-2947 Disabling unrelated cards inside the View Configuration menu causes the Team Load vs Capacity and Team Progress cards to display teams not associated with the selected program
JIRAALIGN-1451 The Story Link report does not display the correct data, with a difficult to read format
JIRAALIGN-2678 The Points Delivered by Type report displays a count of accepted stories, instead of the sum of accepted story points
JIRAALIGN-2896 The People Chart report displays an invalid permissions error, even when the correct system role permissions are enabled
JIRAALIGN-2802 Risk notification emails display the creator of the risk as the owner, instead of the actual owner
JIRAALIGN-2345 Users are asked to specify a program when a solution is specified in the Configuration bar, instead of the page showing data from all programs within the solution
JIRAALIGN-2791 The Program Increment value inside the view dropdown at the upper right of the page does not update if custom terminology settings are updated
JIRAALIGN-2884 The More Actions > Mass Edit command on the Stories grid page does not update the selected values
JIRAALIGN-748 / JIRAALIGN-2872 Clicking the link to launch an assessment from a notification email does not navigate the user to the active assessment.
JIRAALIGN-2846 Users with a Scrum Master team role are unable to change the sprint assignment of a story during an in-progress sprint
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