Release Notes for 10.91


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Enhancements and Features

API 2.0 updates

We improved the Key Results API score field to always show either the current score, or the current score override value. Previously, the score field would be null if a score was overridden. We also introduced a boolean scoreOverriden field to denote when a score has been overridden.

We also introduced a new setting to enable or disable access to API tokens in the Jira Align UI. This setting, called Enable API Token Access is located under Admin > Platform > Security. When this is set to Yes, anyone will be able to generate and copy their API tokens from their user profiles. When this is set to No, only Super Admins will be able to generate and copy their API tokens. This does not impact existing tokens being used for API calls.

If you haven’t already, please see our Community post about upcoming changes to the API: API 2.0 Breaking Changes Coming to 10.92.

Import warning if template headers or columns are missing

During import, whenever users were missing headers or column names in their import template, the import would fail for the work items that were missing the headers or column names. We want to provide more clarity into what went wrong, so we’ve introduced a new warning toaster that will display if this happens, along with which work items couldn’t be imported.


Jira connector: Sync dates on features

Jira custom fields can now be mapped to Portfolio Ask, Start/Initiation, and Target Completion dates on Jira Align features. You can configure these mappings under Admin > Jira Settings > Jira Setup > Custom Fields, and can be set to sync bidirectionally. Please note, when you set up these mappings, the information in the application where the first update is made will sync to the other. For example, if Jira is your current source of truth and the Jira Align item is updated before the Jira item, the dates in Jira Align will sync to Jira. In this case, if Jira is the source of truth, we recommend setting up the mappings during off-hours and then running a JQL to pull the information to Jira Align.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-2734 Filtering by role on the People grid and Scheduled Email setup lists roles that aren't set up in the instance
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2871 Programs API endpoint only works as a Super Admin
JIRAALIGN-2776 defectAllocation is set to 1 when creating sprints with POST call toward the /align/api/2/Iterations endpoint
JIRAALIGN-423 / JIRAALIGN-914 On the Process Step Kanban view, work items only display according to their primary program assignment and don't refect any additional program assignments
JIRAALIGN-1780 Feature rankings are not saved when moving a feature from the unassigned backlog
JIRAALIGN-2843 Empty process steps are not included when filtering with the "doesn't contain" filter for a process step
JIRAALIGN-2835 The labels on the ROI Score Analysis chart do not fully display
JIRAALIGN-2121 Program increment assignments are removed from epics when associating the epic with a theme
JIRAALIGN-2874 A type mismatch error occurs when importing epics that are included in a value stream
JIRAALIGN-2886 No work items are imported and no error displays when the import file header and column names are missing
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-2782 Velocity by Complexity and Velocity by Certainty reports are selectable in the Program Room's Key Metrics dropdown, even if they have been disabled for a system role
JIRAALIGN-2684 When adding a new action item, the Program Increment dropdown options do not filter according to any PI selections in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-2839 On the Progress by Objective report, the Solution Objectives section always displays, even when the solution layer and capabilities are not used
JIRAALIGN-1647 On the Status Reports, the process steps labels and dates are misaligned
JIRAALIGN-2763 On the Program Tracking report, escalation items and the ability to create a new escalation are visible, even when the Escalation toggle is switched off
JIRAALIGN-2687 When setting the view configuration to group by a parent work item, work items are grouped under the incorrect parent


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