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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Note: Due to a previously unreported feature, this article has been deleted and then republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to Release Notes updates. Please see Snapshot Details panel updates below for details on the additional feature included in version 10.88.

Additionally, changes to the Portfolio Room’s Resource and Execution views were previously detailed in these notes, but were not released to instances in version 10.88. These changes will ship in the near future and will be included in a future Release Notes article.

Enhancements and Features

Snapshot Details panel updates

Inside of strategic snapshot Details panels, we've swapped the position of two field sections, Funding Levels and Horizon Percentages, to make funding entry quicker and simpler. Now, you can set Funding Levels for a snapshot without first having to click the Full Details link:



Jira Connector settings change log filters

To improve the experience when reviewing change logs found at Administration > Jira Settings > Manage Projects > View Logs, we introduced a new grid view, with support for the Apply Filters menu found on other pages.


You can now filter by date and attributes inside of Issues, Configurations, Jira API, Boards, Sprints, and Release Vehicle logs to pinpoint information faster. These changes also resolve multiple performance issues experienced by customers with large data sets.

Performance and usability improvements in release vehicle Details panels

For improved performance, search functionality, and navigation, we’ve added additional controls to the work item lists found at the bottom of release vehicle Details panels:

  • View All link: Redirects to the work item grid, filtered by release vehicle. This link doesn’t display if no work items are assigned to the release vehicle
  • Search bar: Search can be performed by ID and name
  • View more link at the bottom of the list: Loads the next 10 items, when applicable

Additionally, the work item lists now display only the first 10 most recently created work items when they’re initially expanded. The work items are listed in descending order by their creation date.


API 2.0 updates

We've made two updates to the API 2.0:

  • Added the ability to read Login Activity with the GET method
    • In Jira Align, this page is found under Administration > Login Activity, and you must have access to this page in order to use the API call
  • Added a Goals API with read access
    • Currently, you can retrieve this information with a GET method and expanded GET for some fields as noted in Swagger documentation.

Defect Fixes

API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2119 When using the Try out function inside of the API Swagger documentation, the sample syntax created does not include a necessary “$” symbol
JIRAALIGN-2360 When performing a GET command for defects, the list of results includes Recycle Bin defects that are outside of the user’s program
JIRAALIGN-2709 PUT and PATCH requests made to update the Owner field of an epic remove the contents of unrelated custom fields
JIRAALIGN-1575 The T-Shirt Size toggle does not display the correct field inside of feature Details panels after it is switched-on from Administration > Details Panels Settings 
JIRAALIGN-2718 The Login Activity section found on the Administration page does not display users who have logged into Jira Align using an SSO connection
JIRAALIGN-934 Estimates converted into points, viewed from the Kanban > Column View, display with an incorrect “TW” label on backlog pages
JIRAALIGN-2669 The Unassigned Backlog section of the Feature Backlog does not load if more than four PIs are selected in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-2323 When accessing the Forecast tab of an epic or capability Details panel, the list of available programs includes programs not associated with the work item
JIRAALIGN-2699 The Discount Rate field found in the Finance tab of an epic’s Details panel only accepts values up to 100%, where it should accept values of up to 1000%
JIRAALIGN-1712 After selecting the Trace This Feature link from a feature’s Details panel, the resulting Trace Report displays attachments belonging to child and parent work items, instead of only feature attachments
JIRAALIGN-2355 When a feature without any child stories is accepted, progress bars on multiple pages and reports do not turn green to indicate completion
JIRAALIGN-2317 Capacities converted into points do not include decimal points from Average Velocity values and display incorrect capacity counts
JIRAALIGN-2243 When an idea is converted into an epic, the epic’s Trace Report does not contain a record of the conversion or original idea
JIRAALIGN-1169 Importing a new feature fails when the parent epic and capability assignments contain the same name
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-1707 The incorrect team can be assigned to a story when Jira Align syncs to Jira if a custom field is used in team mappings
JIRAALIGN-1714 Stories without a sprint and PI assignment that are moved to a new feature inside of Jira Software are incorrectly marked as misaligned when viewed in Jira Align
JIRAALIGN-1736 Work items that are updated to remove an owner from Jira Align continue to show the previous owner inside of Jira
JIRAALIGN-1751 The owner field is not syncing between Jira Align and Jira Server when multiple users have similar email addresses
JIRAALIGN-1561 Some users experience timeout errors when accessing change logs found at Administration > Jira Settings > Manage Projects > View Logs
JIRAALIGN-2352 The Objectives grid page does not display the correct data when a program increment filter is created in the Apply Filters menu
JIRAALIGN-2698 The expand and collapse icons found on the Objectives Tree page are difficult to find due to their small size
Process Flows  
JIRAALIGN-1684 When creating or editing a process step, the list of functional areas to apply is not filtered by the programs assigned to the flow
JIRAALIGN-1829 Team members outside of the program a process flow is assigned to receive invalid alert messages when a process step is updated
Release Vehicles  
JIRAALIGN-2671 The contents of a release vehicle’s Details panel do not fully load or display when a large number of work items or teams are associated with the release vehicle
JIRAALIGN-1084 Some columns are not visually aligned inside of the Status Reports page
JIRAALIGN-1105 Users experience an invalid permissions error when one of the four Story Point Progress by Team toggles are switched-off for their system role, instead of the toggles controlling what level of the navigation menu the report link is displayed within
JIRAALIGN-1407 The Action Items report is not filtering displayed items by the selected program
JIRAALIGN-2126 The Program Tracking report does not display work items that are associated with the selected program as an additional program
JIRAALIGN-2225 The displayed Value Score for epics is incorrect on Status Reports pages
JIRAALIGN-2654 The Sprint Coaching report does not display information about the number of effort points accepted in the Final Score section
JIRAALIGN-1887 When adding a team member with the role of Product Owner or Team Coach from a sprint’s Details panel, users are unable to set allocations for that member
JIRAALIGN-2716 Archived program increments are displayed in the list of selections when entering or editing the PI assignment for a theme from its Details panel
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