Release Notes for 10.90


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Enhancements and Features

Azure DevOps Connector performance improvements

We've improved the Azure DevOps Connector's sync performance significantly by updating the connector to use Microsoft’s Azure DevOps REST APIs. In addition, we broke-out the processing of configuration and work item information, which reduces memory consumption. This allows us to increase the number of records that can be processed in a single sync cycle.

In the connector configuration, we've also added a new setting, Add Hyperlink to ADO, that lets you choose whether or not to add a Jira Align link to each Azure DevOps item. Turning this setting off can help organizations control who attempts to access Jira Align, and since adding a link impacts sync cycle time, also improves the connector's performance.

With the backend updates implemented and new setting switched off, we saw the following results in testing:

  • Connector syncs that previously took 4 hours to complete now run in just over 20 minutes.
  • Connector syncs with a larger data set that previously took 10 hours to complete now run in just over 35 minutes.

Azure DevOps Connector queue logging

To better monitor the connector sync process, we've added the Azure DevOps Queue Report, accessed by selecting the View Queue link from the Azure DevOps Settings page:


This report displays items that are in the queue to sync from Azure DevOps to Jira Align, when a batch starts and stops, and the counts before and after each batch. Now, when onboarding multiple teams, you’ll have visibility in the sync status, and assurance there are not underlying sync issues.


Assessments performance improvements

As part of resolving JIRAALIGN-2262, we added a Show More link to the bottom of each section displayed on the Assessments page. Previously, each section could only display the first 15 assessment items. Now, the Show More link will load the next 15 items, and you have the ability to scroll within the list. 


Page loading spinners

We've added loading spinners to Jira Align to help set proper expectations when loading large amounts of data.


API 2.0 updates

We've made four updates to the API 2.0:

  • Added the ability to update using the Portfolio API with PUT and PATCH.
  • Added the ability to Create using the Value Streams API with POST.
  • Fixed filtering on Objective API where TeamID was only available with an expanded GET call. Now, these values are available through a simple GET as well.
  • Goals API - We added a new property (reference) that is available through the read, create, and update methods, which can be used to map a reference to an external system. The data type for this field is string(250). This property isn't available through the Jira Align UI, but will be added to Enterprise Insights in the following release.

Defect Fixes

API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2688 After setting a work item’s Owner field to Select One in the Jira Align UI, the API displays the field as an empty string, instead of “null”
JIRAALIGN-2777 The API allows a user to remove all program associations from a solution-level objective when at least one is required
JIRAALIGN-1776 After selecting the Trace This Epic link from a Details panel, the Portfolios section displays portfolios that are not directly associated with the epic
JIRAALIGN-1797 After selecting the Trace This Epic link from a Details panel, the Attachments section displays attachments that are not directly associated with the epic
JIRAALIGN-1990 Strange shadow and pointer icons display on the Epic Backlog page when parent rankings are displayed
JIRAALIGN-2038 Velocity values displayed at the top of different views of the Feature Backlog do not match
JIRAALIGN-2781 The Features grid page does not load when a page-level filter is set for Target Completion Sprint or Target Start Sprint
JIRAALIGN-2908 After selecting and closing an objective from a feature’s Details panel, a blank new feature Details panel is displayed
JIRAALIGN-2315 The Estimated column displays estimate values in the wrong estimation system set for the portfolio
JIRAALIGN-2673 Capacity values erroneously display as “0” until the Plan Capacity button is clicked
JIRAALIGN-1998 After importing a set of features in order to edit the Program Increment field, the features’ process flow steps are reset erroneously
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-2725 An invalid filtering error displays when accessing the Program Room from the link found on the Homepage
JIRAALIGN-2833 The Team Load vs Capacity card ignores override velocity values set on related sprints
JIRAALIGN-1083 The capture function inside the Risk ROAM report does not include areas of the screen that require scrolling
JIRAALIGN-2647 The Story Maps page does not filter data correctly when a tags filter is set in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-2661 The Story Points Ratio report visually cuts off data points that are larger than 100
JIRAALIGN-2769 Portfolio Canvases created from the Canvas page are not accessible by other users
JIRAALIGN-2651 The Global Rank column does not sort data when it is displayed on the page and clicked
Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-1826 New users created with a time tracking start date in the current week are displayed in the previous week’s time approval pages
JIRAALIGN-2262 The Assessments page only displays the first 15 entries in the Assessment Results column
JIRAALIGN-2894 The system roles permission toggle for Program Increment Progress is duplicated in multiple sections
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