Release Notes Supplement for 10.87


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Due to the nature of continuous software development, some changes are applied to a version after it has been released to test instances. As a result, the following changes were added directly to version 10.87, which will be released to production instances on February 13, 2021:

Enhancements and Features

Objective API 2.0 enhancements

We added a new property (reference) that is available through the read, create, and update methods, which can be used to map a reference to an external system. The data type for this field is string(250). This property isn't available through the Jira Align UI, but will be added to Enterprise Insights when the schema changes are deployed to all customers. We’ll follow up with the specific release and date.

Defect Fixes

API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2739 The API does not ignore themeId=0 values in the theme-to-program validation
JIRAALIGN-2737 Objective descriptions include HTML code
Strategic Snapshots  
JIRAALIGN-2723 Non-Super Admin users receive a "Whoops" error when editing strategic snapshots
JIRAALIGN-2733 Program associations are removed from themes when the theme is updated



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