Release Notes for 10.87


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Enhancements and Features

Kanban backlog WIP limits for features

Work In Progress (WIP) limits are now available on the Feature Backlog Kanban board view. Now you can define WIP limits in a Process Flow (formerly known as Value Streams) configuration that will be scoped to the process flow’s associated programs. When a WIP limit is exceeded, the corresponding column headers will turn red.


Jira connector performance: New setting to remove a very expensive Jira API call

To set the Accepted By field on stories in Jira Align, the connector makes an API call to search the Jira issue changelog (for the user that resolved the issue). For issues with long change histories, this can be a very expensive API call and significantly slow the time it takes to sync the issue. In this release, we added a Sync Jira resolver name on stories setting under Administration > Jira Settings > Jira Setup. When set to No, the connector will not search the Jira changelog for the user that resolved the issue. On the Jira Align story, the Accepted By label will be removed and the logs will show that the story was accepted by the connector. This setting is set to Yes by default, but for those experiencing performance issues when syncing thousands to tens of thousands of Jira issues every day, we recommend setting this to No.

Jira connector performance: Resync Future Sprints call optimization

We optimized connector sync performance by scoping the set Jira API calls made when clicking the Resync Future Sprints button on the Jira Sprints page. Previously, the connector would make API calls against all integrated Jira projects. Now, the connector will only make API calls against the Jira projects that the board filter is shared with.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-1388 A 504 error and perpetual loading wheel displays when loading the Control Chart
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2660 Updating epics using PUT doesn't allow setting members of the parent portfolio team as epic owners
JIRAALIGN-1255 Pull Rank is not available for capabilities in the Program view when no program increment is selected
JIRAALIGN-1507 The WSJF score is calculated incorrectly when multiple program increments are added to an epic
JIRAALIGN-2285 The Points field displays as a textbox instead of a dropdown
JIRAALIGN-2181 The page does not reflect selections in the Configuration bar
Feature Maps  
JIRAALIGN-611 Feature maps do not show external IDs, even when external IDs are enabled
JIRAALIGN-1715 Users cannot add more than ten strategic snapshots inside a goal or strategy item
JIRAALIGN-2339 Users are logged out when importing work items
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-2270 When users restore deleted items from Jira, the audit log references the reinstating user's UID instead of their name
JIRAALIGN-1237 JQL searches to bring in all the issues from the integrated Jira projects cause gateway errors and no issues are imported
JIRAALIGN-2643 On the Status Reports, health indicators do not display
JIRAALIGN-2324 On the Epic Status Report, answers on the intake form questions display outdated values, even after the answer is updated on the intake form
JIRAALIGN-2316 On the Forecast report, when using the Points estimation system, incorrect values display in the Estimated Effort column
JIRAALIGN-2303 On the Forecast report, users can select programs in Plan Capacity they don't have access to
JIRAALIGN-2002 On the Program Increment Progress report, the report displays deleted teams
JIRAALIGN-1709 On the Program Increment Progress report, deleted teams display in the drill down by team view
JIRAALIGN-1025 The Program Increment Progress report is not filtered by team when a team is selected in the Configuration bar
Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-2672 The Work Code field on features and epics allows work codes to be selected
JIRAALIGN-2055 When adding a new user, users receive an error that the new user already exists, but the new user is created anyway
JIRAALIGN-1773 When users have the system role permission to add program increments disabled, they can still create PIs if they have permission to copy PIs
JIRAALIGN-1512 Managing skill sets on the Time and Skills panels for epics requires users to have the Team > Team > Edit system role toggle enabled for their system role
Work Tree  
JIRAALIGN-2670 Show Health in the Extra Configs displays only when Enable Theme Groups is set to Yes
JIRAALIGN-1622 The WSJF section of the Why panel does not indicate that the score is based on the parent epic
JIRAALIGN-668 Tags do not consistently show the same color based on the unique name of the tag
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