Reports Settings

To configure report settings, navigate to Administration > Settings > Platform > Reports. The following settings can be configured on this tab:

  • External reports: Deny or allow the use of external reports in Jira Align. IFrames allow you to view embedded reports and other web content in Jira Align in the External Reports section of the Reports landing page.

Note: Denying the use of external reports will permanently remove any existing approved URLs and/or URL patterns from the Approved URL and URL pattern list. It will also permanently delete any existing external reports.

  • Approved URL and URL pattern list: Add specific URLs and/or URL patterns that can be used in embedded reports. Only URLs and URL patterns included in the list can be displayed as IFrame content.

To add a new URL or URL pattern:

  1. Select Add URL; a modal displays.
  2. In the iFrame URL field, enter the URL or URL pattern to add to the Approved URL and URL pattern list.
  3. Click Save to add the URL or URL pattern as a list item.

To edit an existing URL or URL pattern, select the pencil Pencil_icon.png icon next to the item in the list. If you need to delete a URL or URL pattern, select the X icon next to the item. Any existing reports using the deleted URL or URL pattern will be permanently deleted.

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