Release Notes for 10.77


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Updates to Email Domain

On August 21, 2020, we will be updating the email address Following this change, emails that had previously been sent from this email address will be sent from the email address

Enhancements and Features 

Updates to Program Increment Progress report

We’ve updated the Predicted line to calculate the daily burn rate based on the sum of the average velocities across all active scrum (Agile type) teams tied to the selected program. As a reminder, average team velocity is a calculated average of all accepted story points in the team’s past five completed sprints. The Optimistic trendline is still a function of Predicted x 1.2 whereas Pessimistic is a function of Predicted x 0.8.

Want to know the best part? We’re bringing the data to you. Check out the Burn Details to understand how the Program burn is determined, and more importantly, all the underlying team velocities that feed the burn.



Note: There was a known issue wherein the informational text in the Burn Details panel displayed the sum of average velocities as the daily program burn rate (ex: "Here, the daily program burn rate is 56" in the image above). You can still find the actual average burn rate number in the calculation at the end of the informational text (ex: "56/11=5.1" in the above image). We resolved this error in version 10.77 before the version was released to production instances, as part of Release Notes Supplement for 10.77.

New REST APIs available

The following objects and methods are now supported in the API 2.0:

  • Acceptance criteria can be created on features using the POST method

  • Portfolios can be created using the POST method

  • Key results can be updated using the PUT or PATCH methods

Performance: Calls clean-up on Roadmaps and Program Room

On the Roadmaps page, we removed unused and duplicate calls and made small optimizations on others, so that the page only loads necessary information when the page initially loads. These changes helped to save 1-1.5 seconds of load time.

In the Program Room, we moved some outdated calls from the screen where programs and/or program increments are selected. For example, team images are now loaded only with room details. We also changed the room to not load info for disabled cards in the configuration. So if there are cards you don't need, by turning them off, you'll cut down on load time even more!

Important: All removed and optimized call changes in this release are not related to data size.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-1580 Velocity Range (+ or -) field does not display clear information on the field’s meaning
JIRAALIGN-1650 Hide Feature Sorting platform setting doesn’t perform a function
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-1811 LastModifiedDate field is NULL when a theme is created via the UI
JIRAALIGN-1839 Clicking Save and Close or deleting an assessment causes a second Assessments page to load inside the existing page
JIRAALIGN-1840 When selecting Columns Shown, the Customize Your Columns modal displays, then closes immediately



N/A displays as the Time in Process Step/Value Stream for a feature when a process step is defined

Attempting to pull rank for stories in the unassigned backlog does not pull rank from parent features

JIRAALIGN-854 In the story backlog’s List view, overridden velocities do not display
JIRAALIGN-587 Work items synced with JIRA revert to the previous process step after they are moved in the Process Step view
Parent capabilities or epics are removed from the Parent Object dropdown after the parent has been accepted

Points field label displays as Story Points

JIRAALIGN-519 Estimate vs Actual chart on the Value tab displays a blank chart
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-1809  Next-gen statuses are listed as mappable when configuring state mapping for classic projects

When an instance has multiple Jira connectors, the settings for release vehicle/fix version sync from the first connector also incorrectly apply to the other connectors


Features deleted by the Jira Connector display on the Program Board as red (planning issues)

Note: This fix applies to all new features after the release of 10.77. Features that have already been deleted before this date will still experience this issue.
JIRAALIGN-428 Time projects (previously work codes) on features are overwritten by the Jira Connector when work code sync is not configured
JIRAALIGN-741 No warning message displays when features cannot sync to Jira due to the Summary field text being over 255 characters
JIRAALIGN-1096 Jira sprints that are linked to a Jira board that was deleted display if a newly added Jira board uses the same ID as the previously deleted one.

Square brackets (i.e: [ ]) in Jira sprint, epic, and story names cause the sync to fail

JIRAALIGN-1814 Users can only select dates from a calendar when using the Start Date and Finish Date fields and cannot type a new date in the field to manually edit it
JIRAALIGN-1710 Target Sync Sprint is a required field for team objectives that are in the unassigned backlog
JIRAALIGN-1698 Team dropdown on team objectives doesn’t have a Select one option
Objective Tree  
JIRAALIGN-1768 In the List view, the solution-level objectives tier displays for portfolios that don’t have the solution level enabled
JIRAALIGN-1506 Users with all required permissions for work items cannot edit links on those work items
Program Board  
JIRAALIGN-1720 Feature Quick View displays descriptions with HTML code instead of either rich text or plain text
JIRAALIGN-983 Team Target Completion Sprint doesn’t update on the feature Quick View when the feature is updated through the Details panel
JIRAALIGN-619 Changes to user allocations in sprints are recorded in the team's audit log, rather than the sprint’s audit log
Success Criteria  
JIRAALIGN-443 Success Criteria State Report only displays success criteria that are associated with programs
JIRAALIGN-1841 When users enter an hour value on a task that is less than 1 that does not have a 0 preceding the decimal (ex: .25), the value isn’t saved with a 0 before the decimal point
JIRAALIGN-1688 Users cannot rename sprints from the team’s Details panel
Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-1646  Timesheet export contains a misspelled word
Work Tree  
JIRAALIGN-1643 Program Details panel doesn't display when clicking a program name

In the Notifications panel, Approval request for epic links aren’t responsive

JIRAALIGN-1008 User Import page error message does not include the maximum file size limit when a user attempts to upload a file larger than 4MB

Selecting the "Roadmap" step link in a checklist logs users out of Jira Align

JIRAALIGN-1796 Impersonate User slide-out doesn’t open when a user selects Impersonate while anywhere in the Time Tracking module
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