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Note: Due to a previously unreported feature, this article has been deleted and then republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to Release Notes updates. Please see Jira state mapping update below for details on the additional feature included in version 10.76.

Updates to Email Domain

On August 21, 2020, we will be updating the email address Following this change, emails that had previously been sent from this email address will be sent from the email address

Enhancements and Features

Jira state mapping update

For a better user experience when setting up the Jira connector with a Jira environment that contains many workflow statuses, we added a new, searchable field for users to select only the states they want to map to Jira Align states. Only the Jira statuses selected in this field will display in the state mapping table, reducing the time it takes to load the connector settings.

Time Tracking changes

The previously announced Time Tracking changes have been released in version 10.76. We've made multiple enhancements to our Time Tracking functionality to provide better usability and support more use cases. 

See our feature recap for details on the changes. Highlights include:

  • Work Codes have been renamed to Time Projects
  • Time projects are no longer locked to release vehicles
    • You may associate time projects with release vehicles, epics, or designate a time project as stand-alone
  • Additional customizable terms have been added to Platform Terminology > Time Tracking Terminology
  • Blended rates keep a history of rates used over time
  • Approval, status, and date settings work together

Story Acceptance Criteria APIs

You can now update story acceptance criteria using the PATCH and PUT methods.

Organization Structure removed from features

We've removed the Organization Structure field from the Details panel for features. Accordingly, we also made the following changes:

  • The Organization Structure filter is no longer selectable from the list of filters on the Features page
  • The Organization Structure column is no longer a selectable column on the Features page
  • We removed the options to display and require the Organization Structure field on features from the Details Panel Settings page

We plan to remove mentions of organization structure tied to features in other locations in Jira Align in a future release.

Configuration bar filtering by Organization Structure

The Capabilities and Objectives pages now support filtering by the Organization Structure field in the Configuration bar. When these pages are filtered by organization structure, work items are shown when the owner or assignee is a member of the selected structure or child levels of the structure.

Configuration bar filtering by Product

The Capabilities page now supports filtering by the Product field in the Configuration bar. When the page is filtered by product, capabilities are shown when any child features are assigned to the selected product or child products in a hierarchy.

For now, the Product field is not a selectable filter in the Configuration bar on the Objectives page.

Configuration bar filtering by Release Vehicle 

The Objectives page now supports filtering by the Release Vehicle field in the Configuration bar. When the page is filtered by release vehicle, objectives are shown when associated features are assigned to the selected release vehicle. Objectives that are associated with capabilities or epics will not display.

Defect Fixes

API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-1586 Users who do not have the Super Admin role are receiving 400 bad request errors through the API
JIRAALIGN-1810 /  JIRAALIGN-1812 Themes created in the Jira Align user interface return null values for createdBy when queried through the API
JIRAALIGN-1725 Users are unable to filter the Capabilities page by Owner if the owner’s name contains an apostrophe character
JIRAALIGN-1766 Multi-program capabilities that have had a secondary program removed continue to display on the Forecast page when filters in the Configuration bar should exclude those capabilities
JIRAALIGN-1699 Deleted defects are displaying in the Unassigned Backlog section of the Defects Backlog page
JIRAALIGN-1789 Users are unable to save a new dependency created between an agile team and kanban team, and receive an invalid alert message that the Needed By field is blank
JIRAALIGN-1741 When creating a new epic assigned to multiple programs, the list of available options in the Program Increments field does not include PIs associated with secondary programs
JIRAALIGN-1770 Users are unable to set a feature’s parent when their system role permissions allow the saving of features
JIRAALIGN-1471 Users are able to add entries to the Additional Programs field after the Approach field is disabled in Details Panels Settings
JIRAALIGN-1716 The field used to filter ideas in the upper-left corner is compressed and does not display text input
JIRAALIGN-1397 Email notifications received for impediments use confusing mixed terminology and do not include a link back to the work item in Jira Align
Import & Export  
JIRAALIGN-1801 Some users experience a 500 server error when attempting to import a list of users
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-830 Boards deleted in Jira do not display a warning icon when viewed in connector settings inside of Jira Align
JIRAALIGN-1803 Filters are unexpectedly reset after deleting a work item from the Jira Deleted Issues report
Kanban Boards  
JIRAALIGN-1767 Users are unable to scroll through the list of tasks within a kanban card
JIRAALIGN-1680 After saving the Program Objectives page to the Favorites menu, the link is displayed as Team Objectives
Program Increments  
JIRAALIGN-715 Archived PIs are still displaying as filter choices in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1794 Warning messages that display when required fields are empty in PI Details panels contain grammatical errors
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-1740 Some misaligned stories are not displayed correctly in the Program Room
JIRAALIGN-1431 The Status Reports page incorrectly displays “Projects” under percentage values in the upper-right corner, instead of the default or customized terminology for epics
JIRAALIGN-1756 The Status Reports page displays headers misaligned with their corresponding columns
JIRAALIGN-1748 When a user logs out while viewing the Release Vehicle Roadmap report, attempts to log back in result in a server error
JIRAALIGN-1671 Filtering by the Impact field is not returning the correct results on the Risks page
JIRAALIGN-1632 The Sprints page is not correctly filtering the list of displayed sprints per a user’s team membership
JIRAALIGN-1623 A warning message that displays when no strategic initiative is selected for a theme does not correctly use customized terminology
Time Tracking  
JIRAALIGN-1749 When using the Project Attributes Export option from the Time Tracking Reports page, selecting an option in the Allow Capitalization dropdown results in exports with missing data
JIRAALIGN-1519 When using the Project Attributes Export option from the Time Tracking Reports page, exports are missing data for release vehicles
JIRAALIGN-1746 When using the Detailed Time Export option from the Time Tracking Reports page, exports are missing data for the list of approvers
JIRAALIGN-1690 The Points/Hours Setup modal found at Administration > Settings > Platform > Team does not affect any reports or pages. This non-functional settings menu has been removed
JIRAALIGN-1685 The Value Streams page is not respecting filter choices made in the Configuration bar
JIRAALIGN-1352 Users are able to create multiple custom fields with the same name
JIRAALIGN-1701 The settings page found at Administration > Access Controls > People displays a warning message that contains a grammatical error when no users match filter criteria
JIRAALIGN-1802 New user emails contain an invalid link to an email address
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