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Note: Due to a previously unreported feature, this article has been deleted and then republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to Release Notes updates. Please see Work Tree view enhancements below for details on the additional feature included in version 10.84.

Enhancements and Features 

Work Tree view enhancements

We've made it easier to navigate between the five views available on the Work Tree page:

  • The View dropdown found in the Extra Configs menu has been renamed Tree View and is now accessible from the top-left of the page
  • The Narrow Filter Report toggle found in the Extra Configs menu has been renamed Narrow to Program and Program Increment and is now accessible from the top-right of the page 
    • Available from the Top-Down, Team, and Theme Group views 
  • Info messages describing the view selections entered display at the top of the page
  • These changes address JIRAALIGN-1332

Performance: Work Tree

For better performance when using views inside the Work Tree page, we have removed the following controls:

  • Hours column — all views
  • Score column — Top-Down, Bottom-Up, and Team views
  • Quick Expand button — all views 
  • Reset Charts button — Strategy and Theme Group views
    • This change was made as these views do not contain charts

Additionally, we moved the visibility controls for the Health column to the Extra Configs page menu. By default, the column is not displayed. 

When accessing the Strategy view, child items are now loaded on-demand when you expand a parent level. Previously, all children were loaded in the background after first selecting a snapshot, causing performance issues.

Performance: Strategy Tree

For better performance when accessing the Strategy Tree page, child items in the tree are loaded on-demand after expanding a parent item.

Performance: Link Maps

Instances that contain a large number of work items within a portfolio and program increment combination previously experienced timeout errors when attempting to set up a link map.

We have enhanced the selector for work items when creating or editing link maps with our more performant dropdown, which supports search functionality and displays the top 150 results:


Work Item Links

Predecessor and Successor work item links for themes, epics, capabilities, and features may now span across multiple portfolios. These links will display in the View the Predecessor and Successors tray, will be counted in the Program Room, and will display on the Program Board.

API 2.0

Strategic Snapshots can now be created (POST), read (GET), and updated PUT/PATCH using the REST API.

Training Simulation updates

The video and computer-based-training content found in the Training Simulation Checklists has been updated to show the current version of Jira Align and Atlassian branding. Administrators may enable or disable Training Simulations from the Administration > Platform settings page.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-1143 / JIRAALIGN-1497 Some users encounter a 504 timeout error when attempting to access the Strategy Tree report
JIRAALIGN-2008 Some users encounter server and timeout errors when attempting to access the Forecast page
JIRAALIGN-2218 Some users encounter a 504 timeout error when attempting to access the Link Maps page
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-1689 Some users encounter a 401 unauthorized user error when submitting PUT and POST requests with valid system role permissions
JIRAALIGN-2030 Funding Stage is not included in the response after performing a GET Epic request
JIRAALIGN-2127 The Swagger-based API documentation displays a Name entry when expanding the GET Programs endpoint, even though programs do not contain a Name object
JIRAALIGN-2211 The Users endpoint returns blank results when expanding and filtering by Team ID
JIRAALIGN-2251 The skip parameter is not respected when performing a GET Iterations request
Azure DevOps Connector  
JIRAALIGN-1628 Mapped process steps are not automatically changed after updating the state of a story from Azure DevOps
JIRAALIGN-2287 Defects do not sync correctly, resulting in some blank fields, when the Azure DevOps environment is using an ADO template that contains a non-system field for Priority
JIRAALIGN-1859 Inactive value streams are still displayed when accessing the Kanban > Proces Step View of the Epic Backlog
JIRAALIGN-2093 After creating a filter for the Tags field on the Feature Backlog and refreshing the page, the filter operator changes from contains to doesn’t contain
JIRAALIGN-1267 When viewing the Capabilities Backlog with a solution and program increment selected in the Configuration bar, the Program Increment Portfolio Rank column is blank
JIRAALIGN-2113 Users are unable to save new or existing capabilities when the Program Increment field has an entry of Unassigned Backlog, and the field has been set as required from Details Panels Settings
JIRAALIGN-1930 The Features grid page does not display the correct items when filtering by Target Sprint fields
JIRAALIGN-2197 Target Sprint fields are not reset with no entries after changing the assigned PI of a feature
JIRAALIGN-2230 The search function inside the Release Vehicle field of a feature’s Details panel returns unexpected and incorrect results
JIRAALIGN-2259 The capacity displayed for a multi-program capability is not correctly calculated, by including values from additional programs
JIRAALIGN-2186 Ideas created between 1 and 2 years ago do not display their age on cards inside the Ideation page
JIRAALIGN-1765 After exporting a list of epics, the Investment Type field is missing as a column in the export file
JIRAALIGN-2209 Point values are not included after importing a set of epics
JIRAALIGN-2244 Not all child objectives are displayed when using the List View of the Objectives Tree page
Portfolio Room  
JIRAALIGN-1658 Some epics can display multiple times in the Portfolio Room after clicking the View More option at the bottom of the page
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-2182 When accessing the Program Room with a team filter in the Configuration bar, the program selection dropdown does not automatically select the parent program of the filtered team
JIRAALIGN-2208 The Program Room does not load correctly when multiple program increments are selected in the Configuration bar, causing users to select a PI view multiple times
JIRAALIGN-1864 The Status Reports page does not display epics that have been designated as MVPs in the MVP column
JIRAALIGN-1947 No data displays on the Estimation Trend report when filtering by program increment
JIRAALIGN-2148 Users receive an invalid permissions error message when attempting to access the Stories by State report
JIRAALIGN-2171 The ROI Calculator displays total savings, instead of one year’s savings
JIRAALIGN-2234 The Story Link report displays unreadable text in some instances
JIRAALIGN-2305 The charts found in the Drill Down > View Teams section of the Program Increment Progress report do not display data after multiple teams are deleted
JIRAALIGN-2231 No results display when searching for a task by its External ID
Work Tree  
JIRAALIGN-1332 The view selected on the Work Tree is not visible from the main page
JIRAALIGN-2116 Admins are unable to switch on Portfolio > Portfolio > Kanban Boards permission toggles when editing a system role
JIRAALIGN-2135 Users who are not a member of a program or portfolio team associated with an escalation are able to view and modify the escalation from the Escalations page
JIRAALIGN-2157 Users are unable to sort grid pages for stories, epics, and capabilities by the AC column
JIRAALIGN-2180 Some system default entries found in Administration > Platform > Dropdowns > Story Type incorrectly display as editable and/or removable
JIRAALIGN-2226 Clicking the Map icon to the left of an entry on the Links Maps page navigates users to the Story Maps page, instead of opening a Details pane for the link map item
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