Release Notes for 10.82


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Enhancements and Features 

Roadmaps loading enhancements

For faster loading times, and to resolve reported performance-related defects, we've made multiple enhancements to the Roadmaps page:

  • Long lists of items load in batches of 25.
  • Batches of items load progressively as you scroll and expand.
  • All views now load with collapsed work item hierarchies by default.
  • A spinning loading indicator displays at the top of the page.
  • The total number of items loaded is displayed.
  • Page filters and configurations are accessible during loading.
  • Some actions and displays are disabled during loading:
    • Column sorting
    • Exports
    • List of milestones within the Milestones panel
    • Legend by color

API 2.0

Releases (program increments) can be updated using the PUT/PATCH method. This does not yet include updates to sync sprints.

Defect Fixes

JIRAALIGN-756 Some users encounter timeout errors when attempting to make column changes or enable milestones on Roadmaps
JIRAALIGN-782 Some users experience long loading times when accessing Roadmaps that contain large amounts of items
JIRAALIGN-1620 Some users encounter an invalid error message after clicking View Predecessors and Successors inside the Links tab of a work item’s Details panel
JIRAALIGN-1705 Some Roadmaps pages do not display percent complete values on feature bars until clicked on
JIRAALIGN-1717 Feature bars do not correctly line up with start and target completion sprint dates when accessing Roadmaps for the first time
JIRAALIGN-1748 Users experience a timeout error when attempting to log in, after logging out while viewing the Release Vehicles Roadmap page
JIRAALIGN-1775 Some users encounter a server error when attempting to open items on backlog pages
JIRAALIGN-2101 The Month by Quarter view of Roadmaps fails to load data when a large number of items are present
API 2.0  
JIRAALIGN-2097 Running GET Objectives/<id> returns a response body that is missing releaseIds
JIRAALIGN-1971 The Capitalized column is available on the Capability Backlog page, yet it is not a valid field for capabilities
JIRAALIGN-1981 Users are unable to create a capability with the same name as a previously-created epic
JIRAALIGN-2159 All Complete fields for process steps found in the Time / Skills tab of an epic’s Details panel are erroneously set to Yes when any step field is updated
Jira Connector  
JIRAALIGN-779 The new copy of a story that is created as a result of a split in Jira Align is not synced with Jira Software
JIRAALIGN-1074 An invalid “not in calendar order” error displays when accessing Administration > Jira Management > Jira Boards
JIRAALIGN-2047 Deactivated Jira Align teams are still accessible when setting up board mapping to Jira Software
JIRAALIGN-2160 The Previous updates section found within the Check In screen for key results does not display special characters correctly
Program Room  
JIRAALIGN-1122 Previous card arrangements appear to reset to a prior configuration after adding a new card to the Program Room
JIRAALIGN-1902 Dependencies that are not associated with the program selected in the Configuration bar are displayed in the Program Room
JIRAALIGN-1798 The Team Weeks line on Program Increment Scope report does not correctly reflect scope and changes to the scope
JIRAALIGN-1379 The Epic by Theme view of Roadmaps does not display objectives associated with epics
JIRAALIGN-2065 The Epic by Theme view of Roadmaps does not display the correct count of completed child items
JIRAALIGN-2076 The Features view of Roadmaps displays features associated with the wrong teams when grouping items by team
JIRAALIGN-2168 Entered search text for a specific field is duplicated in all fields visible within the Apply Filters settings menu
JIRAALIGN-1994 Uploaded images are missing from a user’s profile page and other locations that display user icons
JIRAALIGN-2086 The user icon found on cards within the Sprint Board view of the Team Room does not display the user’s initials, as other user icons do
JIRAALIGN-2165 Users who have system role permissions that allow read-only access to goals are able to create new goals from the Goals page
Value Streams  
JIRAALIGN-1596 Process steps display ordered by ID on backlog pages and reports, instead of the user-configured order
JIRAALIGN-1634 An incorrectly formatted page displays when attempting to add new process steps to a value stream, instead of a Details slide-out panel
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