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Note: Due to a previously unreported feature, this article has been deleted and then republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to Release Notes updates. Please see Manage user skills below for details on the additional feature. The following changes were added directly to version 10.80, which was released to production instances on October 10th, 2020

Enhancements and Features

Manage user skills

We've removed the restriction in Jira Align that required a user to manage their own listed skills directly. Now, you can manage other users' skills from the Skills Inventory page.

First, ensure you have the Skills Inventory > Manage Skills permission toggle enabled for your system role:


Next, navigate to Skills Inventory, where you can click on any user card. Scroll to the bottom of the resulting profile window, and click + Add Skill. A searchable dropdown displays, where you can select existing skills to apply to the user:


To create new skill groups and skills, use the Edit Skills List button in the upper-right corner of the Skills Inventory page.

Status Reports performance improvements

We optimized the SQL behind the Status Reports to reduce page load time by roughly 50%. Users loading exceedingly large amounts of data (e.g. 1000+ epics in a single portfolio) may still experience long page load times. We’re currently investigating UI optimizations to better support these data sets.

Defect Fixes

Portfolio Room  


The Theme Burnup Chart takes 20 seconds or longer to load or fails to load completely


Users with large datasets experience the Status Reports taking either upwards of several minutes to load or timing out completely

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